Proactively Gather End-User Feedback Needed to Improve Lync Success With Unify Square PowerSatTM.

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Lync User Satisfaction

Microsoft Lync is one of the most democratic IT initiatives that organizations have ever experienced.  When users experience problems with call quality, dropped calls or problematic conferencing, they don't call the help desk, they simply find alternatives to get the job done. This avoidance culture can negatively impact the UC transformation of the business, hurt the expected ROI and dramatically slow employee productivity.


Unify Square PowerSat™ enables IT teams to proactively seek out feedback from end-users to uncover hidden problems, identify at-risk users and highlight promoters. With PowerSat organizations can consistently measure end-user satisfaction and drive improvements that matter.  PowerSat is a cloud-based solution that delivers presence-aware surveys using Microsoft Lync.  The advanced technologies in PowerSat yield extraordinary response rates as well as timely and trustworthy insights that can fuel the IT team decisions and priorities with data.


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PowerSat engages end-users in harmony with their everyday workflow as a natural language chat. Customer satisfaction surveys are completed in just a few seconds while more in-depth multilevel surveys can be completed in less than a minute. Timely and trustworthy results are available immediately through the web-based administration console.


Continually Take the Pulse of Your Organization

Knowing the user sentiment for the Microsoft Lync environment is critical to success.  PowerSat enables the IT team to implement a recurring customer satisfaction and sentiment program using presence-aware IM-based surveys.


Extraordinary Response Rates Provide Data That Really Matters

By employing presence technology and utilizing natural language chats to collect information, PowerSat achieves response rates that can double or triple traditional response rates.  The results help IT teams make better decisions and prioritize actions.


Timely and Trustworthy Insights with Survey Sampling

Obtain trustworthy insights from your user population with the advanced survey sampling technologies of PowerSat including survey user randomization and an integrated survey sample-size calculator. Get timely access to the results in real-time through the web-based interface.


Easily Administered Through the Cloud

Administrators can create, launch, monitor and analyze survey results from an easy to use, secure web portal. No hardware or software required which means you can get started right away.  


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Recurring User Satisfaction Surveys  

Measure and report on the user satisfaction KPI against a standardized 200 point scale based upon the Microsoft derived NSAT (Net User Satisfaction) methodology.


Targeted Multi-Level Surveys with Branching

Collect key data points and user satisfaction measurement with multilevel surveys including multiple choice, yes/no, NSAT, and open text questions. Customize survey questions depending on responses (branching).


Microsoft Lync IM Survey Delivery

Engage end-users with a quick, natural language IM conversation integrated into their daily workflow.


Presence Aware Interactions

Continually monitors survey targets and contacts those users only when their status meets or exceeds the defined minimum presence state. 


Target Audience Selector

Randomly selects the survey population users from the available pool improving the reliability of results.


Targeted Notifications

Proactively notify targeted groups of Microsoft Lync users with IM notifications delivered with PowerSat. Notifications may require a response to record an acknowledgement. 


Survey Sampling Size Calculator

Determines the necessary sample size for statistical validity based upon the desired confidence level and the expected response rate. Calculation based upon statistics best practices for population surveying.


Survey Result Dashboard

Real time view of responses for current as well as past instances of surveys. Includes timeline trending and filtering for NSAT (net user satisfaction) measurement survey type.

Survey Report Detail Export

The survey results can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.


Custom Application Integration (Web API)

Integrate external applications and variables through the PowerSat web API and custom placeholders to enable unique and customized survey opportunities.


Web Portal for Administration

Anytime access via the web to create, deploy and manage surveys and their results.  


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