Four Areas of Focus to Ensure Your Microsoft Lync Success

Every Lync deployment goes through a typical lifecycle: IM and presence sneaks its way throughout the business and then conferencing brings about fast ROI, then Enterprise Voice goes into a pilot resulting in a staged rollout across the business. Sometimes this goes great and sometimes there are hiccups along the way. Here at Unify Square we want to help you minimize the hiccups with these four focus areas where you should bring in some extra attention to ensure your success. If you pay attention to all four of these areas, no matter where you are in the Lync lifecycle, you’ll greatly reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of rapid adoption and early achievement of positive returns! 


Use your Presence Wisely

We were speaking with a friend from one of our fortune 500 clients the other day and she said, “You know what?  I just don’t like Lync.  It always tells me that my coworkers are there, but I’ll ping them, and I get no response.  So I spend the time to walk across the building to their desk to find out from their officemate that they’ve gone for the day.  It’s unreliable and I just don’t use it.”  This conversation reminded us that presence is a powerful tool— one that often gets misused.  The following blog article, Take Back Your Presence, was written for the Lync Team Blog by our own Cari Dick, Director UC Adoption Practice, discussing the fundamentals of presence and its importance in collaboration at work.  It is a great reminder that good presence manners never go out of style.

Written by Cari Dick, Director UC Adoption Practice, Unify Square


Keeping Lync on the Right Track: Proactively Ask Users for Feedback

Wrapping up the five part series that went hand-in-hand with the Right Track webinar, we end by returning to the end-user once again.

Written by Unify Square


Keeping Lync on the Right Track: Aligning with Enterprise Voice Best Practices

Continuing on in our quest to share with you the Five Ways to Keep Your Enterprise Voice Deployment on the Right Track, we turn our attention to best practices.  Kevin Peters, one of our resident Lync experts, takes over this section in the recorded webinar to bring you his thoughts on the subject.

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Keeping Lync on the Right Track: Establish Key Metrics of a Healthy Deployment

Lync is a living, breathing ecosystem that is constantly changing, and of course this means that you need to establish key metrics and monitor those metrics on a regular basis.  One slight twist to our recommendation is to focus on the end-user impact of these measurements. Typically, technology services are measured at the server level or application level.  We suggest that you test and measure Lync from an end-to-end perspective in the same way that an end user would be exercising the system.  This is important because several pieces to the puzzle are actually out of your control and beyond the reach of your datacenter monitoring solutions.

Written by Unify Square


Unify Square PowerMon Now Validates Microsoft Lync "Click To Join" Capabilities

Today we have updated Unify Square PowerMon to enhance early detection of another aspect of Microsoft Lync conferencing issues by providing validation of the meeting URL join behavior as part of our advanced conferencing scenarios.  In other words, PowerMon is now automatically checking that the “Join Lync Meeting” link found in the calendar invite is functioning properly.

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Keeping Lync on the Right Track: Understanding the Challenges Ahead

Most of us are aware that moving from the legacy voice infrastructure to a centralized Unified Communications infrastructure is a fundamental shift for the organization. No longer are phone systems isolated boxes managed in regional locations.  Companies gain tremendous benefits from the centralization of telecommunications technologies but they also have to accept the realities of this shift.  The path to success requires an understanding and the resources needed to handle the technology, operational and end-user challenges.

Written by Unify Square


Unify Square PowerView Improves Big Data Analytics Cube for Microsoft Lync Resulting in Increased Accuracy of Voice Quality, Utilization & User Adoption Insight

The Unify Square PowerView development team has released service pack 1 for version 5.0. Unify Square PowerView is a big data analytics solution for Microsoft Lync enabling companies to visualize their Lync data to make smarter strategic decisions and more effective tactical interventions. This maintenance release also includes important enhancements that improve accuracy of information and additional details on individual call records.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Lync Deployment on the Right Track Blog Series

Yesterday the team at Unify Square held a webinar on the 5 Ways to Keep Your Lync Deployment on Track. The audience really liked this presentation and we thought it would also make a great series of blog posts. So over the next few posts we will cover all five of the suggestions to keeping your Enterprise Lync Deployment on the Right Track. Let’s get started today with the first suggestion from our team…

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Getting on the Right Track with Your Lync Enterprise Voice Deployment

The numbers have it, Microsoft Lync and Enterprise Voice are storming their way through the Fortune 500 landscape. From the Gartner Magic Quadrant to the Forrester Wave report, Microsoft Lync is leading the pack in unified communications.  

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