Unify Square PowerMon adds Incident Prioritization and Incident Categorization

This week the Unify Square PowerMon development team rolled out two new customer requested features including Incident Prioritization and Incident Categorization. These features help customers better manage their incident dashboard and alerts while gaining additional visibility into the areas of their Lync infrastructure experiencing troubles. Further details on these features are as follows:

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A Great Year Behind and Ahead for Lync (Skype for Business)

As we wrap up 2014 and head into the New Year, we thought this would be a great opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, trends and observations, as well as provide some predictions based on our experience with enterprise customers and the UC marketplace. The Unify Square team has assembled this infographic to highlight the great successes we have seen with Microsoft Lync and to bring insight into some of the challenges organizations face in their UC transformational journey.

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Microsoft Lync Virtual Event: What is the Impact for Your Enterprise?

Join us tomorrow for Enterprise Connect’s virtual event.  We’ll be online all day talking Lync Monitoring, discussing our new offering, UC RightTrack, and outlining our User Adoption Blueprint for success.

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Webinar - Discover What Your Lync Monitoring is Missing

Does it sometimes feel like your end users have more control over your Lync initiative than you do? If they can’t make a call, they will stop using Lync. End users are key to the success or failure of your Lync initiative.

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Unify Square Launches UC RightTrack to Help CIOs and IT Leaders Maximize ROI of Microsoft Lync While Preparing for Skype for Business

Leading Unified Communications Enabler Offers New Services Solution to Accelerate User Adoption of Microsoft Lync with Enterprise Voice in Large Scale Enterprise Environments

Unify Square, a leading provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration enablement and operations solutions, today announced a new professional services offering, UC RightTrack, to accelerate enterprise adoption of Microsoft Lync. This new offering comes on the heels of Microsoft's planned transition of Lync to Skype for Business in 2015 as an initiative to reinvent and improve productivity and collaboration in the enterprise. The development of UC RightTrack is based on Unify Square's proven success helping global enterprises like Unilever implement Microsoft Lync in complex distributed environments with hundreds of thousands of users. UC RightTrack helps CIOs and IT leaders put Lync on a path to success to achieve up to four times faster return on investment (ROI) while maximizing user adoption.

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Unify Square PowerSat Wins Lync Pioneer Award!

Hey look at us! Unify Square PowerSat was just recognized as a 2014 Internet Telephony Lync Pioneer Award Winner. According to the award, “The 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Lync Pioneer Award honors companies enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage the Microsoft Lync platform to create enhanced communications and collaboration experiences for their users.”

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It’s Time to Double Down on Lync Conferencing and Enterprise Voice!

Written by Sonu Aggarwal, CEO, Unify Square

Yesterday marked a significant milestone of Microsoft’s journey into what they call universal communications. This is a very natural motion of connecting collaboration and communication, not just within the virtual walls of the business and their value chain but also with customers, clients and consumers. Lync and Skype hold strengths on both sides and Microsoft seems to be in a good position to take advantage of these strengths.


Webinar - Driving Successful User Adoption of Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice

Don't get caught rolling out Enterprise Voice without a solid plan to drive User Adoption. In this upcoming Webinar you’ll learn how to establish your own User Adoption Blueprint for success! 

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Four Areas of Focus to Ensure Your Microsoft Lync Success

Every Lync deployment goes through a typical lifecycle: IM and presence sneaks its way throughout the business and then conferencing brings about fast ROI, then Enterprise Voice goes into a pilot resulting in a staged rollout across the business. Sometimes this goes great and sometimes there are hiccups along the way. Here at Unify Square we want to help you minimize the hiccups with these four focus areas where you should bring in some extra attention to ensure your success. If you pay attention to all four of these areas, no matter where you are in the Lync lifecycle, you’ll greatly reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of rapid adoption and early achievement of positive returns! 


Use your Presence Wisely

We were speaking with a friend from one of our fortune 500 clients the other day and she said, “You know what?  I just don’t like Lync.  It always tells me that my coworkers are there, but I’ll ping them, and I get no response.  So I spend the time to walk across the building to their desk to find out from their officemate that they’ve gone for the day.  It’s unreliable and I just don’t use it.”  This conversation reminded us that presence is a powerful tool— one that often gets misused.  The following blog article, Take Back Your Presence, was written for the Lync Team Blog by our own Cari Dick, Director UC Adoption Practice, discussing the fundamentals of presence and its importance in collaboration at work.  It is a great reminder that good presence manners never go out of style.

Written by Cari Dick, Director UC Adoption Practice, Unify Square

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