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Lync Monitoring

Microsoft Lync deployments are a complex mix of hardware, software and third party services working in concert all day, every day. Individual components may report "healthy" with traditional monitoring tools, yet issues hiding in the blind spots of your existing monitoring can occur, preventing users from getting their jobs done. 


Unify Square PowerMon™ complements traditional server, system and network monitoring with a user-centric approach, proactively identifying problems, prioritizing by user impact and providing expert guidance speeding time to resolution.  With PowerMon you get true visibility across your entire Lync environment from the user perspective.


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PowerMon continually exercises the Lync environment from the user perspective, giving the IT team end-to-end visibility ensuring that calls, conferencing and collaboration are working properly. When incidents are discovered, PowerMon prioritizes by user impact and then provides the IT team with information to pinpoint the problem and get to a resolution fast.


Get a Realistic View of How Lync is Working

PowerMon simulates end user activities like collaborating, inbound and outbound phone calls as well as conferencing to provide a true depiction of the user experience across the enterprise.


Focus Actions on What is Most Important

PowerMon automatically identifies and prioritizes sustained incidents across the Lync environment, directing administrator attention to the issues with the biggest impact on the business.


Dramatically Improve First Responder Effectiveness

PowerMon helps to reduce the time to resolution by providing expert guidance with the built in root cause analysis and resolution recommendations.


Benefit from the Speed of the Cloud

PowerMon simplifies implementation of end-to-end monitoring for all of the organization's Lync enabled sites around the globe. Get up and running fast with zero hardware or software required for PowerMon. 


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PowerMon continually exercises the Lync environment from the user perspective. When issues are found that impact users, PowerMon helps your team prioritize the incidents and get to a speedy resolution.


Proactive End-to-End Monitoring 

Proactively exercises Microsoft Lync from a user-perspective to measure and track system availability and quality through advanced scenario testing.  Ensures that the entire Lync ecosystem of servers, firewalls, networks, gateways, SIP trunks and telephony providers are working in concert.


Advanced Scenario Testing

Multiphase scenario testing ensures the end-to-end experience is working properly for users throughout the Lync environment. Scenarios encompass end-to-end tests that include voice quality measurements.  The advanced scenario testing enables the administrator to proactively know that users can make calls, create conferences and collaborate both internally and externally. Advanced scenarios include testing for pool-to-pool communications, inbound and outbound PSTN (telephone), audio conferencing and federation. 


User Experience Availability Reporting

Weekly and monthly reports provide visual analysis of service availability to consistently measure and report on key performance indicators.  Eliminates the time and effort for staff to manually calculate availability across the entire Lync environment. Reporting includes overall enterprise availability as well as separate modality-based reporting including conferencing, peer-to-peer communications and PSTN (telephone) communications.


Voice Quality Reporting

On the weekly and monthly reports, voice quality is represented using Network MOS (Network Mean Opinion Score measuring the listening quality of the audio) scores.  The Network MOS graphs help the IT team understand possible areas where network conditions are impacting the audio quality being delivered. 


Peer Benchmark Comparisons

Enhancing the weekly and monthly reports, PowerMon customer base crowd-sourced benchmarks are displayed along with the availability and voice quality scores.  Enables IT teams to compare actual performance to performance of their peers.


Incident Dashboard

Aggregated into a single visual display are the high priority alerts, user experience availability tracking and advanced testing scenario status. Enables administrators to understand the end-to-end user experience and quickly react to outage conditions. 


Major Incident Email Alerts

Email based alerts are automatically triggered when company defined thresholds are exceeded and re-attained, keeping Lync stakeholders informed of the status of major incidents impacting user experience.

Quick-Retry Failure Validation

Validates the accuracy of incidents by immediately retrying the advanced scenario test determining if the failure is intermittent or sustained.  Increases the accuracy of identification of high priority incidents and the overall impact on the Lync environment.


Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Analyzes each incident and provides expert guidance in the form of a root cause analysis including possible issues, diagnostics and resolution information, enabling first responders to quickly pinpoint and solve problems.


Custom Analysis Tracking & Incident Correlation

Enables IT teams to add their own custom analysis for the incident.  Future matching incidents are correlated and customer analysis information is made available. 


Crowd-Sourced Continuous Improvement

PowerMon is continually updated with learning gained from running over 800,000 advanced scenario tests every month on world-class production Lync environments.


Zero Hardware Cloud-Based Deployment

PowerMon runs from the cloud and requires ZERO HARDWARE and ZERO SOFTWARE to be installed in a Microsoft Lync environment.  Get up and running across a global deployment with just a few hours of effort.


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Lync Monitoring



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