Gain Valuable Insight from Your Microsoft Lync Environment with Unify Square PowerViewTM Big Data Analytics


The stakeholders responsible for Microsoft Lync deployments in an enterprise need accurate, timely information to make strategic decisions and deliver an exceptional experience to their end users. The Lync system itself generates vast amounts of data keeping track of details and quality of phone calls, messages, conferences and collaborations. It is this information that can help an organization improve their planning, increase the speed of their transformation and identify targeted areas of improvement.


Unify Square PowerView™ centralizes voice quality, utilization and user adoption information into a highly scalable enterprise class data warehouse with big data analytic capabilities. PowerView unlocks key insights from the Lync data enabling companies to make better strategic decisions and target more effective tactical interventions in the endeavor of providing excellent service for their end users.


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PowerView gives the organization self-service access to key metrics and insights about the Microsoft Lync initiative.  Administrators can visualize where call quality issues arise while management can consistently track and report on key performance indicators (KPIs).



Visualizing Complex Data Reveals Patterns & Anomalies

PowerView enables technical and business stakeholders to visualize the Lync data to better understand the overall health and potential risks of the Lync environment. Visual analysis of historical trends provides the context needed to identify recurring problems and determine the best course of action.


Making Smarter Strategic Decisions with Timely Data

PowerView provides stakeholders with on-demand self-service access to key information on how the environment is performing and where Lync is being utilized by the workforce. This insight enables the organization to make smarter strategic decisions and more accurate predictions based upon real and timely information.


Targeting More Effective Tactical Interventions, Improve Voice Quality & User Adoption

PowerView voice quality, call reliability and user adoption information assists organizations in pinpointing areas that can result in short term improvements to the end user experience as well as longer term systemic improvements to the overall Lync environment.


The Power of Big Data Analytics

PowerView big data analytics provide a comprehensive view of service quality, service utilization and user adoption information from a consolidated enterprise vantage point. Capable of storing large volumes of data for a lengthy period of time, PowerView centralizes key Lync information that can assist stakeholders in consistently measuring and improving the Lync environment.


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PowerView provides on-demand self-service big data analytics enabling Lync Administrators, IT Managers, Business Analysts and CIOs to make better strategic decisions and target more effective interventions.


Visual Interactive Reporting 

PowerView's preconfigured visual dashboards enable the easy interpretation of voice quality, utilization and user adoption information from volumes of underlying data. Stakeholders can fully analyze the information through on-screen filtering, date range selections and segmentation capabilities.


Customizable Scorecards

PowerView scorecards track Lync performance and utilization against configured benchmarks highlighting problematic measurements. PowerView enables organizations to customize the scorecards to measure and track enterprise KPIs that can also be used for managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


More than 65 Default Dashboards & Reports

Unify Square has invested more than a decade of development time into the creation of default dashboards and reports. The PowerView reports provide deep insight into historical data for the Lync environment covering several aspects including voice quality, call reliability, deployment adoption and user trends, conferencing utilization and cost savings, Lync usage, billing and departmental chargeback.


Key Benchmarks

PowerView provides metrics to help the different stakeholders understand who is using the system and how it is being used. Metrics include number of Lync users as well as the number of instant messages, phone calls and conferences. Organizations can use this information to track high level growth and utilization of the UC environment.


Usage Analytics

PowerView usage analytics go beyond the basics by providing information and analysis capabilities to enable advanced analysis and discovery. For example, with usage information that is real and timely, administrators can make better decisions to right size the spend on infrastructure and reduce the risk of over spending.


Conferencing Analytics

PowerView conferencing analytics bring a new level of visibility into how conferences are being used across the enterprise. Deep dive into organizer and participant information to gain a better understanding of conferencing costs and return on investment.


Lync Adoption Analytics

PowerView enables stakeholders to gain valuable insight into the use of collaboration features throughout the business. Information on the way users are taking advantage of Lync enables the  business to determine where additional investments and training can yield positive returns.

Voice Quality Analytics

PowerView streamlines and simplifies the consistent reporting of voice quality metrics for the enterprise Lync environment. Stakeholders gain insight into the quality of communications from a wide variety of vantage points including site-to-site analysis, data center and infrastructure components as well as endpoint devices. For example, Lync Administrators can visualize voice quality across the enterprise as well as across time periods and across infrastructure elements. Analytics information helps to identify ongoing problems and enables administrators to target improvements that can yield the most significant improvements for the business.


Auditing & Compliance Investigation

PowerView enables stakeholders to review top user activity on a regular basis to identify possible deviations from utilization policies for outbound calling, conferencing, file sharing and federation features. For example, auditors can access information on the most expensive conferencing users and quickly determine if anomalies require further analysis.


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