Maximize return on your Lync investment with PowerView actionable analytics



What KPIs drive success for your Lync environment? How are your voice SLAs performing? How’s voice quality?


Framing these key questions and other success metrics are crucial steps for enterprises that are deploying or running Lync. Easily tracking and reviewing these KPIs on an ongoing basis will allow you to optimize and ensure your enterprise will get the most out of your Lync investment.

PowerView delivers comprehensive, enterprise-ready Lync analytics and reporting that significantly improves the quality of your Lync solution and helps you identify the most cost-effective phone device strategy, based on your usage patterns. Track performance against service level agreements (SLAs). Instantly generate, publish, and maintain reports customized for different Lync stakeholders. With PowerView, you can choose from a wide range of standard reports or easily create your own.

Get the most advanced Lync analytics and reporting solution for maximizing your Lync ROI.

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Drive Lync Quality


Voice Quality Metrics

PowerView enables very high-scale voice quality metrics analysis, with powerful drill down capabilities by location that can help quickly isolate voice quality issues. Enterprises with PowerView will also gain big picture insights into Voice Quality, and be able to systematically identify actionable issues with the biggest impact. 

SLA Reporting

PowerView infrastructure can track performance against SLA’s for official Lync reporting for service management purposes, by office location worldwide. 


Maximize Lync ROI


Usage Metrics

PowerView provides a large variety of flexible and easy to customize Lync user metrics, enabling the organization to drive Lync adoption in ways that increase Lync ROI.


Billing and Chargeback

PowerView provides the analytics required for enterprises to perform Telecom Expense Management (TEM) functions, e.g. for chargeback to departmental units or end-users.


Device Utilization

PowerView enables an enterprise to accurately determine its actual usage profile for devices, and thereby determine the most cost-effective and reliable device strategy for its end-users.


Enterprise Ready


Enterprise Scale Lync Analytics

PowerView’s Data Warehouse and OLAP cube architecture is designed for Lync reporting needs for global enterprises, involving terabytes of Lync CDR and QoE data. The high-scale architecture enables Lync report generation typically within seconds, regardless of user size.


Customizable Lync Analytics

PowerView enables drag and drop customizability. Through Microsoft PerformancePoint, PowerView allows the easy creation of custom Lync reports within minutes, while bringing data from multiple sources. Enterprises are then able to analyze the data across multiple dimensions of interest, and instantly publish such custom reports to appropriate stakeholders.


Compliance and Auditing

PowerView infrastructure allows the organization to produce reports to address its specific compliance and audit needs, in addition to out-of-the-box federation reports and Top X User/Top Y call type reports.


Based on Microsoft SharePoint

PowerView leverages the power and flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint. Though SharePoint, PowerView enables enterprises to instantly generate, publish, and maintain Lync metrics customized for the priorities for different Lync stakeholders. PowerView provides appropriate access controls, enabling stakeholders to drive Lync adoption and success on a sustained basis.





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