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Skype for Business deployments are a complex mix of hardware, software, and third party services working together in concert all day, every day. The opportunity for issues to arise is more than very likely and when they do, IT teams need to respond in lightning speed so the workforce does not remain disabled. Unify Square’s Monitoring solutions equip your IT team with the tools and intelligence to detect issues early and prevent some from even happening in the first place. With our solutions, you get the peace of mind that your IT team can prioritize and resolve issues effectively.



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Service Availability Monitoring

Meet & beat your UC service SLAs every day

Skype for Business may report “healthy” with traditional monitoring tools, yet issues hiding in the blind spots can occur, preventing users from getting their jobs done. Our Service Availability Monitoring solution gives credibility to your infrastructure by utilizing a unique synthetic transaction methodology. We strengthen your global UC performance by testing typical end user scenarios every few minutes to detect and prioritize incidents automatically so you can stop escalations before they happen. Our patented UC-Core™ technology provides unique insights and expert guidance to troubleshoot voice quality and performance, shortening resolution time so you meet and exceed service SLAs and deliver a world-class UC experience.


Fraud Detection

Identify Spoofed Calls or Conferences….Avoid fraud costs

The requirement for a robust fraud detection solution is critical, as late or non-detection of cases of conference calling and telephony fraud can lead to significant financial losses. Our Fraud Detection solution flags suspicious ‘callers’ or conferences with fraud levels (Low, Medium, and High). We detect ALL forms of call spoofing, and other anomalies potentially impacting expenses within the Skype for Business environment and provide an accurate analysis of each call. Our warnings allow IT to handle all callers appropriately based on their fraud threat.


Pinpointing incidents within the complexity of Skype for Business may make the real issues difficult to spot. Let our unique insights and expert guidance troubleshoot your voice quality and performance and shorten resolution time so you can deliver a world-class UC experience. Contact Us for a demo