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Today's employees require and expect always-on access and clear and reliable voice quality from their Unified Communications systems. With PowerSuite™ enterprise IT is finally empowered to deliver operational excellence using the industry’s first Skype for Business solutions suite. The end result is happy, satisfied and productive Skype for Business users.

PowerSuite™, powered by the new UC-Core™ technology, provisions, manages and troubleshoots SfB systems with the industry’s most-effective and comprehensive set of solutions for SfB. PowerSuite continually monitors all parts of the SfB system and allows IT to set thresholds -- you’ll know about issues before they get out of hand. Enterprises can manage more SfB sites with greater efficiency regardless of whether or not they’re homed in the cloud or on-premise. Further, PowerSuite is quick and easy to deploy allowing IT to go from zero to actionable insights in hours and to reduce TCO for the total SfB system.



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PowerSuite™ presents essential integrated functionality across the following five key solution categories: monitoring, analytics, provisioning, reporting, and user experience. In addition to helping to meet the needs of enterprises at various stages of managing Skype for Business deployments, PowerSuite provides:

360o Visibility

“Single pane of glass” provides a holistic view of the Skype for Business ecosystem and identifies opportunities to improve quality of service


Multiple roles…multiple lifecycles support

Solution categories & specific solutions align with different Skype for Business IT roles, and assist IT across the full deployment life-cycle


Right time, right focus

The correct information, at the required time (mix of Real-time & Historical) based on the proper balance of system and end-user focused metrics


Enhanced Cloud Services

Growing Skype for Business IT product focus & telemetry beyond on-premise to include both cloud and hybrid

As part of the rapid market growth, acceptance and adoption of Skype for Business requires a brand new approach to operationalizing the way that IT monitors and manages Microsoft’s UC system. PowerSuite™ and its 3 different edition options (Enterprise, Premium and Premium Plus) brings unrivaled performance, smarter management and a healthy UC run-state which reduces TCO for the entire Skype for Business ecosystem.


PowerSuite, also leveraged by our PowerAssurance™ remote managed services team, provides the industry’s most comprehensive one-stop shop SaaS product to enable SfB operational excellence. Integrated scenarios and operational intelligence factor in a range of different data sources (Lync Analytics, Unify Square synthetic transactions, end user feedback). The breadth of PowerSuite solutions rolls up the key SfB info into a consumable and actionable set of data giving you the confidence you need to maintain healthy run-state SLAs – whether you are running totally on-premise, utilizing the Microsoft SfB cloud services, or extending your deployment of SfB into a hybrid configuration.


Whether you are piloting Microsoft Skype for Business or fully deployed and seeking hands-on assistance with quality and connectivity improvements to ongoing operations we’ve got you covered. Contact Us for a PowerSuite demo