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User Experience

Technology changes are disruptive for end users and Skype for Business is no exception. This can lead to both a lack of confidence in new technology and lack of usage - both issues that hold enterprises back from realizing the benefits of their UC transformation. Unify Square’s User Experience solutions provide you with insights to target where the real user issues reside and leverage SfB IM functionality to gather feedback. We summarize the data from individuals as well as enterprise-wide, so you don’t have to hunt it down. And, our ongoing satisfaction surveying keeps issues at bay as users continuously provide feedback for the lifetime of your Skype for Business investment.



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Help Desk

Quick end-user centric troubleshooting

Perhaps the most common help desk call scenario for Skype for Business deals with an end user report of a ‘bad call.’ Using the product set available today troubleshooting is a time-consuming and hunt-and-peck experience. However with the Help Desk solution, tier 1 support professionals as well as Lync Engineers can easily look up a specific end user and gain real-time access to the full set of SfB experiences which the user has encountered. UC-Core™ technology advanced heuristics provide input into the parts of the ecosystem where potential and/or real problems may have caused the ‘bad call.’ Unify Square guidance is also available to help guide support personnel through the troubleshooting process.

User Satisfaction

The quickest way to improve Skype for Business user adoption

When users experience problems with call quality, dropped calls or problematic conferencing, they don't call the help desk, they simply find alternatives to get the job done. Unhappy enterprise UC users can negatively impact the UC transformation of the business, hurt the expected ROI and dramatically slow employee productivity. Our User Satisfaction solution allows you to proactively gather end user feedback using simple IM-based surveys to identify issues and troubleshoot. With the results from surveys, you are empowered to make the informed decisions and Skype for Business improvements that encourage usage and enhance your UC investment.

IM, Surveys and Notifications

Proactive surveys for actionable user feedback

It’s easy to forget to notify users during all the busy activity IT teams typically experience. That’s why our IM, Surveys and Notifications solution can proactively notify targeted groups of SfB users with IM notifications. This solution allows you to set up notifications for the entire enterprise or for select individuals who match specific criteria. Communicate enterprise-wide UC updates or let an individual know her phone number policy is expiring. Either way, notifications decrease the number of issues escalated to your IT team by letting users know the current status.


User Feedback Loop

Automatic End-User HelpDesk Insights and Actions

Typically, a user feedback loop is a system that helps companies to gather external information about their products to improve the product offering. Unify Square applies this same concept in our User Feedback Loop solution, but adds a unique twist to turn the “results” back towards the end user. Insights extrapolated from crowd-sourced data are automatically pushed back towards the end user when UC-Core™ identifies a recurring end user issue. The resulting “loop” increases end user satisfaction, and increases overall Skype for Business ROI by significantly decreasing help desk costs.


User Learning Center

Installing Skype for Business is easy; achieving satisfied users is hard…

As great as the Skype for Business technology may be, if the technology isn’t embraced and adopted by end users, the UC ROI can slip right through IT’s fingers. The User Learning Center solution is an end user focused interactive custom-branded web portal for your business. It includes a set of multi-media resources that will inspire and enable users to discover and develop their Skype for Business confidence and abilities. The solution offers an innovative custom-tailored curriculum, resources, reporting tools (LMS-based) and tips and tricks which will help to speed user adoption and thus accelerate Skype for Business ROI across the enterprise.


Your Skype for Business transformation success depends on end user acceptance and being able to pinpoint where issues exist. Our User Experience solutions and User Adoption Consulting Services gather user feedback for the success of your Skype for Business deployment. Contact Us for a demo