Unify Square

Brand Guidelines

Main Logo

The Unify Square logo is composed of a sphere and an uppercase logotype set in Cyan ExtraBold  and Merel Medium. The logo variation with the shadow is to be used as the primary logo. The version without should only be used when on dark or busy backgrounds. Always use the logo files provided. Do not re-create or alter. *left-click to preview and download an image

Alternate Logos

The full-color logos should be used only on white or light blue backgrounds. The wordmark can be white on dark blue backgrounds. On dark gray or black backgrounds an light, gray-scale may be used.

Avoid using full-color logos on photographs unless the logo sits on a black or white area of the image.

*Click color circle to see examples. Left-click to preview and download an image

With Shadow

No Shadow

Core Product

The core product logo is composed of a custom icon and logotype set in Open Sans Semibold. The logotype should be styled with the capital P and S Logo to be horizontal only, with the exception of the circle format. Always use the logo files provided. Do not re-create or alter. *left-click to preview and download an image

Badges & Logo Alternatives

The PowerSuite logo can be used as a “badge” with and without the product descriptor. 

*left-click to preview and download an image

Rectangular Logo with Product Descriptor

Rectangular Logo Without Product Descriptor

Circular Logo Without Product Descriptor


Two primary fonts used by Unify Square are Arial and Tahoma.

Arial is to be used in heading copy, and Tahoma is for body copy. Body copy color should always be #565758. The only exception is when being placed on a colored or image background. 

Standard font size 15px.

Arial Bold


Used for





Tahoma Regular


Used for

Body Text 





Use these color proportions in any
layout or collateral design. For the most part headers should be done in the three primary colors, a tint of the color can be used if needed.

Secondary colors can be used as accent colors for smaller headers, buttons, and graphic elements.

Primary Colors

Dark Blue

HEX: #154D71

RGB 21 77 113

CMYK 81 32 0 56

Uncoated: 2186U

Coated: 647C


HEX: #546A7B

RGB 84 106 123

CMYK 32 14 0 52

Uncoated: 2153U

Coated: 2167C

Bright Blue


RGB: 60 173 237

CMYK: 75 27 0 7

Uncoated: 2191U

Coated: 2171C

Secondary colors


HEX: #ffc038
RGB: 255 192 56
CMYK: 0 25 78 0
Uncoated: 2006U
Coated: 2008C


HEX: #6ece6b
RGB:110 206 107
CMYK: 47 0 48 19
Uncoated: 2256U
Coated: 2256C

Dark Grey

HEX: #565758
RGB 86 87 88
CMYK 2 1 0 65
Uncoated: 433U
Coated: 425C

Light Blue

HEX: #dcedff
RGB: 220 237 255
CMYK: 14 7 0 0 
Uncoated: 658U
Coated: 658C

True Blue

HEX: #3e78b2
RGB 62 120 178
CMYK 65 33 0 30
Uncoated: 4151U
Coated: 7683C


HEX: #c6c5b9
RGB 198 197 185
CMYK 0 1 7 22
Uncoated: Warm Gray 2 U
Coated: Warm Gray 2 C

Leadership Team

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