5 Ways to Keep Your Lync Deployment on the Right Track Blog Series

Written by: Unify Square

UC-RightTrackYesterday the team at Unify Square held a webinar on the 5 Ways to Keep Your Lync Deployment on Track. The audience really liked this presentation and we thought it would also make a great series of blog posts. So over the next few posts we will cover all five of the suggestions to keeping your Enterprise Lync Deployment on the Right Track. Let’s get started today with the first suggestion from our team…

ONE: Know Where You are Going

Although this seems like a cliché, a vast majority of our Enterprise customer engagements don’t have an overall plan for their Lync deployment. Typically Lync starts its journey into your company as a simple IM/Presence project. It’s usually successful because Lync works rather well and the first stage of the deployment is similar to other IT solutions.

The deployment then grows and people start using other features like peer to peer calling. Next thing you know IT adds conferencing and starts to realize cost savings which in turn accelerates the rapid deployment around the company. In no time at all enterprise voice is being piloted and the rafters start to shake and executives realize they have an issue.

Let’s be clear here, the trouble isn’t with the software. The trouble lies in the fact that Lync is growing organically and the business stake holders are not on the same page. Before all of this happened, the business as a whole should have answered questions like: Is the network ready for the traffic? Can the wireless infrastructure handle real time communications? Who is going to support the end users? How will you respond to issues? What features will we turn on? What users should be involved? The list isn’t complex, it’s the basics of any mission critical IT project. Unfortunately, for the most part, Lync may have quietly snuck up on the business.

Our experts recommend that you freeze yourself in your tracks. You gather all of the stake holders in one room and discuss your business goals for Lync in your Enterprise. You then establish the set of objectives that will get you there and gain agreement across the business. The end result should be a consensus on where you are going and how you are going to get there so you can create a multi-year plan that is setup for success.

Next week we’ll talk about the second recommendation: Understand the Challenges Ahead. If you just can’t wait for the next blog post, you can also watch the webinar in its entirety on-demand. Click here for immediate access.


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