Are Your Collaboration Investments at Risk?

 Workstream Collaboration Platforms – Market Growth

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Nearly 85% of Organizations will Miss this Step – Diminishing the Value of Their Workstream Collaboration Outlays

Workstream collaboration platforms have definitely left the infancy stage – so much so that by 2022, 70% of business teams will rely on WSC as the primary means of communication and collaboration. With rapid innovation and ongoing competition for platform providers like Microsoft and Slack, the constantly evolving WSC apps will soon be far ahead of their UC and simple chat predecessors in terms of features, functions, utility, and ease of use.

While the benefits of WSC platforms continue to reveal themselves (increases in productivity, improvements in company culture, better communication in the workplace, etc.), it’s important to acknowledge that a transformation from your current platform is not as simple as turning off Skype for Business and turning on Microsoft Teams. There exists a seemingly endless set of checkbox items to transact, from C-suite buy-in to evaluation costing, to user adoption, to a new platform for IT to manage. Plus – moving to a WSC platform means your traditional monitoring and management of unified communications (UC) may no longer be enough – leaving you with key visibility gaps. Forgetting to include a holistic monitoring and management strategy (and associated tools) will lead to organizations risking as much as $255 billion in investments for these WSC cloud-based solutions.

How You Can Eliminate Visibility Gaps

Using specialty monitoring and management tools for your WSC app platforms can fill in the gaps left by the native admin consoles for these products. What is more, third-party tools can help track and benchmark a whole set of emerging key metrics which lead to capturing ultimate value from the investment. Metrics as broad as adoption and compliance and as targeted as sprawl and collaboration reciprocity all begin to come into play in this new WSC world. At the same time, using these tools to proactively optimize and troubleshoot the apps, and thereby keep them up and running for end-users is paramount. Workstream collaboration management tools can also lead to a reduction in overall IT operating expenses.

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