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The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Unified Communications

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Using ‘Real’ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Unified Communications

Business leaders believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future. In fact, 72% termed it a business advantage. Artificial intelligence in unified communications can shape the future of enterprise communications by simplifying and automating tasks end users and IT must manually perform every day. Gain an understanding of some good examples of how AI could reshape the industry and the effects that it could have on IT.

What We’ll Cover

What exactly is AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) and why are they important?

– How much AI and ML is truly currently present in the UC space today vs just smoke and mirrors?

– With AI and ML already present in other parts of the high-tech world, why is AI taking longer to penetrate into UC?

– What are some good examples that you expect to see soon regarding how AI will reshape the UC space?

– Is AI going to put IT out of a job when it comes to UC?

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