Balancing the Challenges of Workstream Collaboration

Balancing the challenges of Workstream Collaboration Unify Square

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Unify Square Research uncovers the love-hate relationship employees have with collaboration applications and its implications for IT teams

No, emails don’t stop making its way into your inbox when you use workstream collaboration applications, and you do still spend a big chunk of your time lurking around in there. And workstream collaboration apps can help you be more productive and achieve work-life balance, but only if proper rules are in place. This Infographic shares insight & interesting tidbits about workplace habits regarding collaboration apps based on a survey conducted by Unify Square.

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State of Workstream Collaboration

A clear majority (62%) of surveyed respondents use collaboration apps for chat/messaging features, followed by 1-1 phone calls (31%) and video conferences (30%)

Email is Alive and Well

  • 39% of survey respondents say one of the chief benefits of collaboration applications is fewer emails.
  • 74% of survey respondents admit they have not seen a decrease in the number of emails in their inbox since starting to use collaboration apps.

Workplace distraction

  • Personal conversations (41%) and incoming requests (39%) are the most significant workplace distraction caused by collaboration apps during the day
  • 43% of enterprise employees believe management should share in the responsibility with them to reduce workplace distraction caused by collaboration apps!

Collaboration Security Realities for IT teams

While IT departments want stricter guidelines to decrease insider threats, employees cite productivity and work-life balance as their top reasons:

  • 35%  believe more stringent rules boosts productivity
  • 58% feel more stringent standards promote work-life balance
  • 65% want/have strict guidelines for using collaboration apps in their organizations

About the Research

From late January to early February 2020, Unify Square surveyed more than 500 enterprise employees. Respondents worked at organizations with at least 1,000 employees over a range of industries, including enterprise technology, consumer technology, consumer packaged goods, education, and healthcare.

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