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Best Practices and Software for Tracking VIP Users and Conference Rooms for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Are there certain VIP users that you wish you could receive a more diligent, ever-present monitoring spotlight? Unify Square’s tracking dashboard enables you to create groups of users and oversee their platform usage, and provide direct troubleshooting and guidance when consistent issues occur. Watch as we dive into the tracking dashboard experience and explain where we see our current customers using this feature to their benefit.


The Tracking Dashboard allows you to create groups of users for whom you would like to more closely track the user experience. Commonly, we see customers creating groups of VIP executive users to monitor more proactively, allowing them to reach out and provide troubleshooting and guidance for end users when consistent poor call experiences occur.
Let’s take a closer look. To start out, I’ll need to create a group of users I want to track. For today. I’m going to create a group named Kevin’s VIPs and add some team members I may be tasked with supporting. After I’ve named my group and given it a description, I can now add members. Today I’ll add Brad, Greg, and Arun.
Now that I’ve added my members, I can navigate to the Tracking Dashboard and see their calls. By default the Tracking Dashboard loads their experience for the last 24 hours, but I can also set it to 48 hours, seven days, 14 days, and 30 days. Notice you can see my group is selected right now. If there are other groups, I can click the groups drop down and pick another group to explore. Under experience summary, I see a user score and a shared issue score for my group. The user issues score tells me if the targeted end user in the call was creating the issues. As you can see, Brad Smith has created a lot of issues in his calls. The shared issue score tells me about the total experience for all their calls, including all users. I also get a breakdown for their experience by location and device and how many calls and conferences they were in. At any time I can click on a user and be taken to their specific screen in the PowerSuite Help Desk solution as well.
Further down on the Tracking Dashboard, we see recent poor and bad experiences. This widget allows us to see the most recent impact calls and conferences for all of my users in this group with the latest instances on top. Additionally, I can see if the issue is with the user I’m tracking or other users and I can see various issue patterns that are impacting multiple people I’m tracking and whether the issue was device network or client related. I can also see the conference ID and organizer and by clicking on any of these items, I’m taken to the PowerSuite Help Desk solution with that call or conference already highlighted. Also, this gives me one place to go watch all of my execs or groups from a single interface, allowing support teams to be more proactive. The Tracking Dashboard can also be configured to have web hooks integration, enabling alerts to be sent to a Microsoft Teams channel or even and IT service management platform like Service Now. Stay tuned for more.

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