Look Before You Leap, Solve Lync Voice Quality Issues Systemically

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Operating a Microsoft Lync environment at large scale is filled with daily challenges for the IT team. Voice quality seems to be an ever moving target and just when you think you’ve got it nailed, a high value end-user escalates an issue, setting off the alarm bells and throwing your day into a tail-spin.

You aren’t alone with these escalations and troubleshooting challenges. The standard response we see time and time again is an instant escalation of a user specific problem. IT teams drop everything and go right down into the data looking for the call or conference hiccup seeking a quick resolution.

Herein lies the issue we want to highlight today. Drilling into the speeds and feeds of the network, the gateways, and the call packets can yield lots of great data, but it may not give you the vantage point to understand the problem in context of the living, breathing best we call Lync.

More often than not, solving an individual problem call doesn’t help to deliver a better Lync experience for the organization. Worse yet, the problem may reoccur or may be an ongoing issue impacting users who stay silent and don’t escalate.

So what can you do about it? Our advice is to look at the problem from a vantage point encompassing the Lync environment as a whole. Don’t just look at the individual call problem, look for issues related to other calls occurring at the same time, in the same geographical region, or via the same routes throughout the organization. Include the way the users are interacting with Lync such as their headsets, roaming habits, and remote connectivity options.

By looking at the voice quality issues in this larger context you can see patterns and correlations emerge from the data. You won’t be buried in the details of an individual call record, you’ll be able to identify entire classes of activities that are negatively impacting call quality.

We don’t just suggest this course of action, we embody it. Our team of Lync experts help Fortune 500 companies systemically improve Lync Enterprise Voice quality and eliminate emergency escalations once and for all using a combination of software, services, and support. Learn more about how Unify Square and our solutions, including PowerView Analytics, can help your organization deliver a better Lync experience.

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