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Question: What do you get when you combine Skype for Business, a relatively new Skype for Business enterprise voice customer and Unify Square?

Answer: A world class unified communications system (Skype for Business) initially lacking optimized end user satisfaction due to poor call quality and service availability…but which was eventually rescued by the Unify Square PowerSuite™ service.

We see this riddle played out on a regular basis with new Unify Square customers. They quite often find their way to us after having made a successful jump to Skype for Business. However, their struggle comes with the tuning and manipulation of Skype for Business to deliver the proper level of communications quality that will delight end users.

For many enterprises, identifying opportunities to improve their UC operations, or accurately capture Skype for Business performance, means hiring an expensive consulting firm or spending a lot of time compiling and manually analyzing information about system performance. With Unify Square, it’s as simple as a PowerSuite subscription.

The PowerSuite software captures and analyzes millions of datapoints, but our machine learning boils down the results to an easy to read storyline told by just three core KPI’s: Call Quality, Service Availability and User Satisfaction. Typically, when a new customer begins to use our Azure-based SaaS offering, their poor call percentages are high and their service availability and user satisfaction are low. However, in much the same way that a focused exercise regime can help an athlete to lose weight and build muscle mass, so too can a couple months’ worth of working with PowerSuite quickly send the ratings of these core KPI’s moving in the right direction.

We have offered a glimpse here above of one of the most popular solutions in PowerSuite called Service Health.  This solution shows off and tracks the three KPI’s. This screenshot of Service Health is fully anonymized, but is very typical of many of our new customers. There are five key items to point out in this view:

  • Poor Call % Reductions: The middle graph shows how, over a period of approximately 6 months, the customer has achieved a significant impact on poor call percentage. PowerSuite is the change catalyst here highlighting actionable insights for the customer — everything from the simple focus on reducing usage of wireless connections for calls to more ‘complicated’ need to implement split tunneling on VPN for a specific site.  The net result:  a reduction from roughly 8% down to below the target range at 4%.
  • White Glove Service: In the same middle graph, we see a large proliferation of ‘comment bubbles.’ These bubbles are an add-on subscription service to PowerSuite called ‘White Glove Service.’ Every week skilled Unify Square Skype for Business technicians provide the customer with a set of observations and recommendations regarding the most obvious and impactful adjustments which can be made to the system. These comments are notated in the customers’ PowerSuite instance and a weekly operations phone call allows for knowledge transfer and Q&A from the customer. The customer then uses the insights and suggestions received to take action to tune their Skype for Business system.

  • Cloud Managed Services: It’s not pictured here, but customers who want to go beyond the White Glove Service and actually hand over the keys to the management of their Skype for Business system also have a service option in the Unify Square portfolio – PowerSuite™ cloud managed services.
  • Service Availability Improvements: In the upper middle graph, you can see a spark line showing how the overall system service availability has also been increased over this same period. The Service Health solution shown is currently focused in on the Call % in the lower section, but a simple click from the customer can also allow PowerSuite to drill into a heatmap view highlighting availability issues.
  • User Satisfaction Improvements: The upper right graph highlights the most important net result of all the work. Over the course of the six-month time period measured here, overall end user satisfaction with the Skype for Business platform has continued on a very positive upward trend.

So perhaps it really isn’t a riddle at all. Skype for Business offers great ROI and end user productivity enhancements for customers. PowerSuite™ is a key enabler to make it all happen. It’s not a puzzle…just a statement of fact.

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