How Cloud Managed Services Simplify UC Deployment

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UC Operations & Support Team with Cloud Managed Services

You have a limited Unified Communications (UC) budget, so the issue of having to hire, train and maintain full-time Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams staff for a complete and effective UC deployment is a serious challenge.

Do you have the staff to achieve it properly? Is there enough allocated in your budget? These are questions on the minds of many businesses, particularly large ones with more than 5,000 employees. In 2012, Jabra found that 73% of large companies with 5,000+ employees were hesitant to embrace UC due to the high cost of deploying and supporting it. But with the Microsoft Intelligent Communications ecosystem, an organization doesn’t need a large staff or budget, but rather, a focused and experienced UC operations and support team.

In fact, the provision of powerful operations software – such as PowerSuiteTM – enables a solid Cloud Managed Services provider to easily automate and scale the UC workload to adjust for even large Microsoft UC deployments.  Every UC environment is unique. So it’s essential that your Cloud Managed Services provider offers customized solutions tailored to your exact requirements. It shouldn’t matter if your Skype for Business and Teams environment is in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid. If you’re a large company, then chances are that you’re dealing with employees, clients and suppliers from around the globe. To continually monitor and promptly resolve issues, you also require 24/7 x 365 monitoring, patching, configuration management and diagnostics support.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services

Unify Square’s clients – which also include more than 50 Fortune 500 companies – benefit from a robust Cloud Managed Services suite for their Skype for Business and Teams deployment.

It all begins with operations software PowerSuite detecting and validating an issue. Once this is confirmed, it then sends an automated alert to the PowerSuite service desk on your behalf. From there, our certified and experienced NOC and Service Delivery engineers work remotely behind the scenes to identify a fix and implement a speedy resolution.

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In fact, many of the problems encountered with the Microsoft UC platform don’t originate from the data center or from the Microsoft intelligent cloud. It’s exceptionally difficult to identify, much less resolve these issues, without PowerSuite services. For example, PowerSuite’s Monitoring Dashboard leverages a unique synthetic transaction monitoring system which mimics typical end-user call behaviors globally and around-the-clock. This enables PowerSuite to begin resolving incidents before they even occur.

The support, service and management available to our Cloud Managed Services clients extends well beyond the walls of the data center. They have around-the-clock access to our analysts, technicians and engineers, all of whom are Skype Operations Framework (SOF)-certified.

Here’s what you can expect from PowerSuite’s Cloud Managed Services

  • Ensuring that you’re speaking with a Microsoft UC expert from the very first time.
  • Rapid resolution and root cause analysis using UC diagnostics and Skype for Business (SfB) troubleshooting.
  • Patching, configuration management, monitoring and diagnostics from our NOC.
  • Reduced conference call and telephony downtime with expected dial-tone service levels.
  • A comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) covering the complete end-to-end Microsoft UC platform you’re deploying, not just our data center.
  • An optional e-bonding service to link our ticketing system to your Service Now or Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) tool.
  • Optional services for assessing, provisioning, maintaining and managing the complete Skype for Business ecosystem, including: WiFi and WAN networks; SBCs, SBAs and gateways; SfB Room System and SfB Cloud Connector Edition.

We recognize that Skype for Business and Teams deployments are a complex mix of hardware, software and third-party services, all of which must operate in concert all day, every day. When problems inevitably arise, and PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services can be leveraged to swiftly respond and prevent downtime while maintaining system health.

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