Communication in the Workplace is Evolving Infographic

Communication in the Workplace is Evolving

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This Infographic that Unify Square Created in Conjunction With Nemertes Research States that Communication in the Workplace is Evolving.

Workstream Collaboration (WSC) applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook enables teams to communicate in context by integrating chat, voice, video, and meetings with business workflows and external applications.

The Infographic Says Why Workstream Collaboration Matters

  1. Workstream collaboration is quickly becoming the core of, and replacing unified communications (UC)
  2. According to Nemertes 21% Gain productivity for those using workstream collaboration
  3. Those using the Workstream Collaboration applications report a higher success in meeting business collaboration needs
  4. Leading vendors are converging UC telephony and collaboration
  5. 50% of companies see Workstream Collaboration apps replacing IP desk phones

Who Workstream Collaboration Impacts

  1. Workstream Collaboration benefits teams, both within and across organizations, by enabling faster access to relevant information, and the integration of workflows and collaboration.
  2. In data from Nemertes, search 59% of companies are using/planning to deploy workstream collaboration applications and services.
  3. 93% of Workstream Collaboration usage is cloud-based
  4. 57% of companies that are using Workstream Collaboration have more than one team collaboration app in use
  5. 63% of companies prefer the same vendor for all Unified Communications & Workstream Collaboration apps
  6. 71% of those using Workstream Collaboration have at least one enterprise-wide workstream collab app

Achieving Workstream Collaboration Success

  1. Workstream Collaboration improves both internal and external collaboration, shortening process times and accelerating customer interaction.
  2. The infographic says that uptime, utilization, voice quality, and productivity gains are the most important metrics and proactively track and optimize.
  3. In their recent research Nemertes said that 59% of companies neglect to purchase and actively leverage Workstream Collaboration monitoring and management tools

In summary, while communication in the workplace is evolving,  companies should take active steps to research, purchase and deploy both a workstream collaboration app and a Workstream Collaboration monitoring tool as part of your overall digital workplace strategy.

Note: This Infographic was created by Unify Square using data from Nemertes Research.

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