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Unified Communications and Collaboration’s Best Kept Secret 

The drive to digitally enable enterprise organizations continues to gather huge momentum in the business world.  Leading the charge, as part of this set of initiatives, is often an enterprise-grade Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) system such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. The most obvious partner in this vanguard should be a third-party performance and operations management and analytics tool to help measure, monitor and streamline the UCC system.  Unfortunately, though, research data tells us that about two-thirds of enterprise IT leaders don’t know if their UCC system is actually saving them money or not and they are similarly unable to track adoption due to a fairly extreme lack of monitoring and analytics related to UCC.

Unified Communications and Collaborations save money

In fact, industry experts tell us that only about 15% of the organizations running UCC systems use third-party tools to measure and monitor their platforms. There is clearly a major disconnect here.  Given the importance of a well-managed UCC system to corporate communications and digital transformation success, it would seem to suggest that 3rd party tools for UCC performance and operations should be PRE-requisites, rather than “after-thoughts.”

Is Unify Square a bit “biased” in your viewpoint here, you may ask?  Absolutely!  But at the same time, not a week goes by when we aren’t fielding various “Help Me!” calls from new clients.  The calls vary in their details, but the main theme always revolves around their UCC journey. They started down the transformation process, but simply don’t have the 24×7 telemetry to allow them to successfully finish the job.  They need extra analytics to guide them…and to ensure that their users’ satisfaction (and productivity) stays high. A broad set of software that analyzes patterns in data, analytics are crucial to UCC success. Analytics in UCC are derived from management tools that evaluate real‐time and historical performance data.

This whitepaper report which we commissioned from Nemertes makes great use of the annual UCC research conducted by Nemertes to deliver the “business case” for strongly considering a third party performance and operations tool, such as PowerSuite. Enterprise IT can leverage solutions like PowerSuite to:

  • reduce UCC opex costs by 58%
  • reduce UCC implementation 19%
  • increase UCC end-user adoption by 30%
  • reduce UCC IT headcount costs by 36%

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As UCC becomes more complex, with new applications, integrations, and architectures, effective management is paramount to achieve the above benefits. By leveraging analytics through information gleaned from relatively affordable management tools, UCC will run better — fewer outages, more predictive analytics to avoid problems, lower jitter, etc.

The successful monitoring of Skype for Business requires a combination of Microsoft and 3rd-party tools, a consideration that is frequently disregarded or overlooked.  Call quality and service availability issues (sometimes with devastating outage aftereffects) resulting from a lack of monitoring cause outages that surface after systems have been in production for months.

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