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How to Discover New Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Insights Using Geo-Filtering Software

Powersuite Geo Filtering provides powerful insights into important Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business analytics in a geographically filtered format. The PowerSuite remote management software can assist you in gaining insight into your UC platforms regardless of the global location of the department or subsidiary in question.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Geo Filtering and heat mapping functionality. The geo functionality within PowerSuite is a simple, but powerful filtering and hot spot drilldown technology, which provides you with helpful breakdowns of important analytics information in a geographic format that makes sense to your organization. This functionality is built into many of our solutions throughout PowerSuite, such as Service Health, where PowerSuite highlights both tabular as well as full heat map drilldown visibility, the usage and adoption dashboard, the executive dashboard, device management, room monitoring, and the operations dashboard. Let’s look at some examples.

In the operations dashboard. We want to follow up on a concern about users having poor audio quality in the United States. We know that as part of the company’s software deployment schedule, the United States received the new client updates first. First, we’ll select our call scenario of ‘wired internal to server’and the category client version.

Second, we’ll left click on the globe that reads all and select the region, ‘NORAM’ and the country, ‘United States’. Now we can see the prioritized list of issues and it looks like there’s data to validate a potential client issue within the U.S.. This allows me to have a structured conversation back with the applications team. Next, we’ll move to the service health solution. We have a manager in Europe who is interested in troubleshooting some poor audio quality issues in the region. I can left click on the globe again that reads All and Select Region ‘EMEA’. Now, I’m able to see the poor calls percentage for the region and I can drill down into the specific call scenarios. Let’s look at the executive dashboard. We have managers responsible for different sites. Using the geo selector, we can easily filter by region or even by individual site and see important metrics around active users, poor call percentage, and much more for just that site. PowerSuite’s Geo Functionality offers essential filtering as well as additional insights into the UC and collaboration environment. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more information on how to manage, analyze and secure your UC and collaboration environment.

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