Enterprise Must Prepare for Many UC Communications Modalities

Written by: Unify Square


Does your enterprise have Multiple Modality Capabilities?

In order to have UC success in a highly competitive market, every enterprise has to be ready for multiple modalities of communications. The rapid growth of new applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, has created even more forms of semi-synchronous communication.

Unify Square has enabled multiple large global enterprises (such as Nestle, Unilever, Shell and Deloitte) to successfully envision, implement, and drive value from their Microsoft Intelligent Communications infrastructure. With Microsoft’s evolving UC software rolling up multiple platforms and diverse availability, Unify Square continues to adapt our software and services to fit the needs of customers targeting all deployment options — on-premises, hybrid, and cloud.

The need for Actionable Insights in UC Success

How has Unify Square evolved our solutions to fit the changing needs of our customers? With Unify Square’s PowerSuiteTM, we have built an engine which continuously delivers actionable insights regarding Skype for Business and Teams.  This technology allows IT to reap real cost savings in the new world of communications environments.

PowerSuite bases its KPI’s on the end user experience. Service availability, voice quality, and user satisfaction compose the very essence of PowerSuite’s effectiveness in becoming the one stop shop for your enterprise success.

Want to view a short video of our CEO, John Case providing his take on this issue of UC Success —- just watch below:



So what makes Unify Square different?  It really boils down to 6 core differentiators:

  1. Value and Speed: We provide much faster time to value for our customers through our cloud-based software and managed services.
  2. Expertise: We employ some of the industry’s leading Microsoft UC platform experts.
  3. End-2-End: We focus on the complete communications eco-system, and especially the end user, versus just the network.
  4. Breadth: Although our main business is software, we offer a complete portfolio of software, cloud managed services, and consulting.
  5. Technology: Our software employs AI and machine learning to create automated actionable guidance.
  6. Cloud: We run on an Azure-based platform making installation quick and easy with no additional infrastructure costs.

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