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Andreas Strebel is the Senior Program Manager at Unify Square for PowerProv, an end-to-end fully automated provisioning tool for (Microsoft) Skype for Business & Lync.

Andreas took some time to tell us about his favorite PowerProv feature, user exceptions for provisioning.

andreasLG-smQ. Tell us how using exceptions can help organizations?

User exceptions are a solution for all day-to-day provisioning cases where PowerProv rules should not apply. Typically, provisioning rules cover 95% or more of users’ needs in an organization, but the 5% not covered is where exceptions are needed. Think about the 95% as all the on boarding and off boarding and other business as usual events where basic rules can be applied across users to enable appropriate Skype for Business/Lync features. Now think about how many users travel to another country office for three to six months…these people are the exceptions; they have start and end dates where the rules need to change.

Q. Why did we develop this feature?

We developed the exception feature because it addresses a core need for large organizations. We know from experience and talking to our customers that 100+ tickets a month can be for temporary change policies or requests to manage other telephony changes that require follow-up…and those are tasks we can help automate. Helpdesk agents can make exceptions once and then forget about them…PowerProv will do the rest!

Q. Tell us about the development of this feature?

The exception feature takes many circumstances into account. For example, an employee who needs to work a three month project that requires international calling will need to be reassigned a Voice Policy to make international calls for the duration of the project. We then make it easy to revert back to the Voice Policy for national calls only, where the PowerProv rule is automatically applied again. We developed three types of User exceptions to help manage these types of situations:

  • The mainline phone number
  • Telephony mode
  • Skype for Business/Lync policy assignments

Lastly, we had some fun with the development of this feature! We “tested” our VP’s mainline by switching his number to 1800PowerProv to “ensure” the exception worked!

Q. Why is this your favorite feature?

The exception feature provides lots of flexibility for IT Helpdesks. It’s a feature we incorporated because we listened to customers and wanted to ensure we accommodated short term changes. We know the types of provisioning requests that take time to change and need follow-up…well, we did away with the overhead by having PowerProv do the managing!


For more about Unify Square’s Skype for Business/Lync provisioning solution, visit the PowerProv product page.

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