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Executive Dashboard Solution | PowerSuite™

Enhance Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams performance monitoring with visualized usage, adoption, and other ROI metrics – all in one user friendly executive dashboard.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Executive Dashboard solution. PowerSuite’s Executive Dashboard is an easy place to visualize the full Skype for Business ROI and adoption profile of your enterprise. You can track and accelerate the progress of active, enabled, and targeted usage, for conferencing and voice users, and even monitor the progress of voice transform sites. Starting here, across the top of the dashboard, we can see the familiar 3 KPI’s – call quality, service availability, and user satisfaction. Which form the bedrock of the PowerSuite model which are also tracked in the service health solution. Moving down one row, we next see a tally of the calls, conferences, and total conference minutes for your enterprise over time. Then finally, the bottom row, we can see the aforementioned tracking of site transformation progress as well as total number of Skype for Business enterprise voice and conferencing users.
As a busy executive, it’s important to understand how your UC investment is being utilized. Moving back to the middle row, I can click on the enterprise voice charge and drill deeper on enterprise voice data and trends. Here, not only am I presented with more details regarding active vs. enabled users, but I’m also able to see on the right, how my user and call counts are increasing as my Legacy PBX voice system, which is gradually being phased out, is decreasing.
Similar to the enterprise voice drill down, I can also drill further into the conferencing usage to see the details of my Skype for Business service utilization index for conferencing. Although I’m currently looking at this in the monthly view, I also have the option to switch to a bi-week view, to see what parts of the system are being regularly used. In the conferencing section, I can view information on organizers, conference minutes, and even content-sharing. Again, here I am able to track the declining usage of the Legacy conferencing system. Stayed tuned for more.

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