Are you Getting Tired of Conference Call Bingo?

Written by: Sonu Aggarwal


Call Quality, Service Availability and UX Focus Are the Fix.

When it comes to UC, if you think of yourself as mainly an end-user, then a great way to perhaps spice up your workday is to print out some Conference Call Bingo cards.  On the other hand, if you consider yourself mainly on the IT side, then while you may consider these cards smirk-worthy, you will most likely either cringe or just think “Yes, but that doesn’t apply to my organization!”   Or does it?

“Hi, who just joined?”

“Can everyone please go on mute?”

“Can everyone see my screen?”

“Sorry, I was having connection issues.”

end users


Of course, none of these phrases ever pops up during a conference call in your organization…or does it?  And if it does, are these conference call problems the “fault” of IT or just poor end-user behavior?

Our Unify Square Chief Technology Officer, Sonu Agarwal, published an article in “IT Pro Portal” last week which focused in on this perennial problem.  The thesis really revolves around a dual-edge theme.

First, even if your network and your UC system have been perfectly architected and deployed, it still requires 24×7 monitoring and management in order to ensure that all systems are running as expected.  There are a host of different issues (from network interference to hardware performance to endpoint device performance) which can upset the delicate balance of synchronous voice communications.

Conference Call

Second, as easy as it may be to discount the end-user, you must consider them as a core part of the UC infrastructure.  Constant training and education, as well as user experience monitoring is a necessity.

Beyond the value of minimizing the play-rate of this Bingo game, what are the other upsides of an enhanced focus on monitoring and managing your UC system?  Unify Square has a white paper which discusses the savings to your organization — you can access it here.

Or, if you’re already a believer and would simply like to see a demo of our PowerSuite software, please click here and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time.

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