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Achieving High ROI UC Device Management with a Cross-Platform Tool

Managing multiple devices and communication platforms at a time can be challenging and confusing. Simplify it with our PowerSuite device management solution for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype for Business. We focus on enhancing the end-user experience by providing simple and easy cross-platform troubleshooting, resolution, and overall management of UC devices.


Our Unify Square Device Management Solution focuses on PowerSuite’s single pane of glass concept to enhance the total end-user experience on Skype for Business and Teams. For device management, this means the troubleshooting, resolution, and overall management of certified IP phones and UC endpoint devices across the entire device lifecycle. This demo starts after the user has already opened PowerSuite and navigated to the Device Management overview console.

Here you get an overview of your managed devices, total count, firmware stage overview, for example, production, and top device models in your organization. An important step in managing your devices, is to click into the managed firmware dashboard to see a list of all the various device manufacturers and their firmware.PowerSuite easily tracks the life cycle stage- testing, production, or outdated of each firmware version. Highlighting a specific firmware version will show additional details such as a description of all phone models that the firmware works with, links to release notes, etc. A few clicks will quickly move new firmware into a testing stage and then assign it to some specific devices for the testing process. Once firmware testing is complete, IT can select this assign action and then utilize PowerSuite’s wizard based intuitive workflow to either apply to all devices, to apply only to devices in a certain geo area, or to apply to just a small set of specific devices as delineated by MAC address. At later stage, you can always review or update the confirmed firmware in the firmware Explorer.Next, we can assign Spanish to devices in Spain using feature configurations. From the explorer, we can see phones are currently configured with English, the global standard. You can either choose an existing config to assign to a phone or group of phones, or create new one from scratch. Here, we will use existing Spanish feature configuration and assign it to a Yealink device. PowerSuite device management allows you to select a specific device and view the configuration details and firmware assignments associated with the device, both inherited and those specific to the device. Device details, including logs, are currently available for Jabra, Polycom, and Yealink, with more to follow soon. There is quite a bit of additional functionality in the PowerSuite device management solution which we simply don’t have time to show in this video, including ability to import device settings and device password management. Also, there are still a new features that are already availability in the product which we can’t resist showing just a brief screenshot or video snippet. First, the new feature configuration wizard, which walks the user through the process of setting up new configs and IP phones. Second, the growing integration of device management into the PowerSuite help desk solution. Here, we highlight the common scenario of a user who calls into the IT help desk with an issue and when the specific call is analyzed the resulting problem is identified as a misconfigured device where the speaker is different than the microphone.

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