How to Get Your Leadership Team Using Workplace from Facebook

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Why Executives Need to be Active on Workplace from Facebook

Workplace from Facebook is a unique cross between workstream collaboration and enterprise social network platforms. Because Workplace from Facebook pulls from its roots in the consumer space, it is much more social than other platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams. While its social features give it a competitive edge by making it more accessible and approachable for many employees, these same features can also make using Workplace from Facebook seem intimidating or like a waste of time for many senior leaders. However, providing executives with Workplace from Facebook training so that they feel comfortable posting and engaging with employees on Workplace will help companies tap the full potential of Workplace from Facebook.

While many CEOs and executives may be reluctant to use social media, the benefits of using Workplace from Facebook can span across the company. An active leader can engage employees, increase staff usage, promote collaboration, and help build a strong company culture. Collaborative work is five times more likely to result in higher performance, and having executive buy-in can help encourage employees to use and adopt workstream collaboration platforms.

Common Reasons Why Senior Leaders aren’t Using Workplace from Facebook

workplace from facebook training

There are many reasons why executives may be reluctant to join Workplace from Facebook: many leaders do not see the benefits of engaging on Workplace from Facebook, or even if they do see the benefits, they often don’t know how to engage.

“I don’t have time.”

Perhaps the most common reason senior leaders are reluctant to join Workplace from Facebook is that they believe they don’t have time or it isn’t worth their time. They may not want to keep up with posting, or they may not want to take the time to learn how to use a new platform. And while it’s true that senior leaders are very busy, they often overestimate the time commitment it takes for using Workplace from Facebook. The Workplace from Facebook interface is strikingly similar to Facebook’s original consumer interface, making adoption practically effortless. And, spending just a few minutes a day on Workplace is enough to make an impact.

“Workplace from Facebook will decrease productivity.”

It can be hard for leaders to understand the benefits of Workplace from Facebook. There is often a misconception that Workplace from Facebook is inappropriate for the workplace or will detract from employee focus. However, Workplace differentiates itself from enterprise social networks by connecting employees on every level of an organization to more effectively collaborate. Organizations that use workstream collaboration platforms, like Workplace, see a 21% gain in productivity and report a higher success in meeting business collaboration needs.

“I already use other platforms to communicate with employees. Why do I need to use another?”

Leaders often don’t see the need to use multiple platforms. They might think, “Why should I take the time to learn a new platform when I already use Email or Microsoft Teams.” The answer is that 85% of end-users report using multiple workstream collaboration platforms and therefore leaders are likely missing out on conversations if they’re only using one platform. Workplace also elicits conversation, connects people throughout the organization, can be used to drive company culture, and makes the workplace more social, all of which increase employee happiness and productivity.

Convincing your Leaders to Use Workplace from Facebook

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Using Workplace from Facebook can be daunting for senior leaders and convincing them that it’s worth their time can be a difficult task. Here’s how to show executives that adopting Workplace from Facebook will benefit the entire company:

  1. Engage Employees: Workplace from Facebook does an excellent job of connecting workers on every level of an organization, breaking down silos. Because Workplace from Facebook closely resembles the consumer version, little Workplace from Facebook training is required to get employees engaged. For example, Workplace is great for connecting frontline workers, who may often feel disconnected from the rest of the company. By engaging employees on all levels and departments of an organization, Workplace from Facebook helps create a strong sense of community.
  2. Drive Adoption: Getting an entire workforce to adopt a collaboration tool can be difficult. However, by ensuring managers’ participation, employees will become much more inclined to use Workplace from Facebook. Otherwise, employees may think, “Why should I use it if they aren’t?”
  3. Promotes Collaboration: Workplace from Facebook has excellent collaborative features such as file sharing capabilities, chat, video, and other productivity-enabling features, helping to promote collaboration inside the workplace. These qualities also make Workplace a valuable asset for companies with a geographically dispersed workforce. Additionally, the echoes of Workplace’s enterprise social network capabilities enable stronger employee relationships and a greater sense of a community – also leading to stronger collaboration. When employees are communicating, connecting, and getting to know one another on Workplace, working together on projects inside the office becomes more effortless and efficient.
  4. Connect Through Live Video: Unique to Workplace from Facebook, its Live Video feature allows you to live-stream a video directly to your entire project, team, or company. Those tuning in to Live Videos can provide real-time feedback with comments and reactions, enabling better, faster communication and building company culture.
  5. Build Strong Company Culture: Workplace from Facebook brings people who work together into one digital location where employees can interact, share upcoming events and updates, and create teams or social groups. All of these allow employees to get to know one another better. Because workers can collaborate on work-related topics and share their interests and personalities, Workplace creates a more tight-knit community and bridges the gap for remote employees.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of using Workplace from Facebook or to prove how it’s positively impacting your organization? With PowerSuite’s workplace analytics features, you’ll get real data on how end-users are engaging with platforms like Workplace from Facebook to help prove the ROI of investing in workstream collaboration platforms, while also getting a look at how well your company is tapping into the productivity benefits.

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