How to Help IT Admins Prepare for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Management Tools Enable Success for the Next Generation of Workers

We’ve said it once, twice, probably hundreds of times by now – Microsoft Teams. It’s here, it’s making waves, and enabling user productivity, with its own unique blend of persistent chat, ubiquitous collaboration, and easy to use telephony. It’s one of several workstream collaboration (WSC) app platforms revolutionizing the digital workplace. And, similar to the email revolution created by Microsoft Outlook nearly 25 years ago, Teams presents IT with both a new opportunity and new challenge.

Like many WSC app platforms, IT teams are usually not tasked with deploying Microsoft Teams – end users and workgroups take care of that on their own. However, IT is tasked with swooping in after the fact to manage the platform – a task that’s easier said than done. Many companies are operating on ‘legacy’ UC systems such as Skype for Business, or have had a mixture of different WSC apps introduced to the organization through end users. So while there are basic steps to deploy and operate Microsoft Teams, success requires the same type of proactive monitoring and troubleshooting that IT admins use for unified communications systems today.

Gain a simultaneous, panoramic view of all collaboration and communications platforms, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats.

PowerSuite for Teams

Microsoft Teams and PowerSuite - Together

For companies keen on long-term end user happiness in the WSC marketplace, third-party management tools are going to be essential. After initially earning our stripes in the Skype for Business world, Unify Square has continued on a path of rapid innovation, bringing Microsoft Teams into our fold of product expertise. We may come from a deep voice specialization with Skype for Business, but the challenge of extending our analytics, workflow, management and policy model across to the WSC space has allowed us to further showcase the deep UC and WSC expertise at the company. Not only does PowerSuite feature the first voice quality reporting and analytics solution for Microsoft Teams in the market, but we’re also pioneering other management apps in our suite, which recognizes the uniqueness of Teams (and the WSC market in general). We’re very excited to continue to further develop and build upon PowerSuite.

Actionable Insights for IT

Unify Square has invested a lot of innovation and software development resources behind building out our AI and ML technologies. Rather than just presenting IT teams with graphs and data, our PowerSuite technology proactively evaluates the millions of data points to arrive at a set of key actions which are recommended for IT success. Perhaps the best example of our AI prowess has been rolled up into the PowerSuite Insights Center app, a central PowerSuite hub which highlights and surfaces the most critical issues and actions of which IT should be aware.

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