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Using PowerSuite to Help Optimize Work From Home Environments

This short video will introduce you to the Work from Home functionality provided in PowerSuite from Unify Square.


This short video will introduce you to the Work From Home functionality provided in PowerSuite from Unify Square.

This feature set uses the public IP addresses associated with your call data to create performance benchmarks of the various countries, states, provinces, cities and ISPs available within your environment. This information, in conjunction with other PowerSuite user insights, will allow you to identify and resolve user issues more quickly.

As we search for a user in PowerSuite’s HelpDesk module, we’ll find calls that are likely affected by the user’s location marked with a map pin icon. By selecting the call and scrolling down, we can see all the user’s modalities that may have affected this call. When we dig deeper into the location data, we can see that this call was made from a location that has a high rate of poor calls, giving us a hint that the issue may be with the ISP, or the user’s internet connectivity. PowerSuite also provides an ISP Location Benchmark, identifying that there was an unnaturally high percentage of poor calls coming from this ISP in the last month. Another place where we surface this location information in PowerSuite HelpDesk is on the user locations tab.

So, if I click here, we now get a nice map and that shows us where in the world the people involved in this call were located. Clicking on each of these circles will help us drill down and see the specific locations and status of these users.

This location information is also automatically analyzed by our PowerSuite AI and ML technology resulting in specific insights which help to proactively diagnose call quality issues.

In the Insights Tab in the Call Summary, we can see that the ISP is providing good quality and the issue is likely a result of the user’s configuration.

To dive even deeper, PowerSuite’s Call Explorer module allows you to create custom reports based on several variables, including location data. While creating a query, I can include stats from all sorts of different scenarios and organize them based on city, country, ISP, ISP usage type, and more.

PowerSuite provides IT admins more capability to monitor call quality across an organization, identify and resolve issues, and take proactive steps to fix problems before they occur. And with our Work from Home functionality, you can utilize location data to solve user experience problems even faster.

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