Ignite 2018: The Best Emerging Microsoft Teams Sessions

Written by: Unify Square


UC Planning For Ignite 2018

The session catalog was recently released for Microsoft Ignite 2018 and there’s no shortage of UC and/or WCS (workstream collaboration) related sessions to attend. At our most recent search through the catalog, there were 55 sessions for Microsoft Teams! Unless you’re bringing a small army to conquer Ignite, you might be questioning which tracks to attend.

After working carefully through the session catalog, it’s clear that the theme around Microsoft Teams is how to facilitate a successful deployment. After consulting our resident Unify Square UC and WCS experts, we’ve created a targeted “navigation” map of sorts for you to maximize your ROI at the various Teams gatherings in Orlando. Below we’ve broken up the top sessions into several categories to help highlight the best of Ignite 2018 for those looking to get a grasp on UC/WSC as you steer your way toward Microsoft Teams.

Making the Move to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams at Ignite 2018

If you’re evaluating how to get started with Microsoft Teams, or whether or not Microsoft Teams is a good fit for your organization, check out these four sessions happening at Ignite:

Successfully Driving User Adoption with Microsoft Teams

So you’ve decided Microsoft Teams is right for you, but how do you get the rest of your organization on board? Here are three sessions that tackle just how to get your entire team excited and correctly enabled to use Microsoft Teams:.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Ignite - Teams Features

You can do a lot with Teams – in fact, it’s being pushed as the hub for Office 365. Here are some unique features of Teams to help get the most out of Microsoft’s “Slack Killer:”


Security for Microsoft Teams at Ignite 2018

Unify Square has recently spent a lot of time discussing the concerns that many of our customers have about governance and compliance related to Teams. While this topic is front and center for our Fortune 500 clients, Microsoft Ignite 5hasn’t devoted too many Teams-focused sessions on this subject. Two sessions did catch our eye though:


Deploying Teams can be tricky, and once you’ve rolled out Teams to your organization, there remains the possibility of some bumps in the road. Here are some nifty sessions to help you tackle any misfires.

Looking Forward

Ignite 2018 updates

And, if you’re already well versed in Teams but still headed to Ignite 2018, be sure to stay up to date with the two tracks covering updates to Microsoft Teams.

Skype for Business?

So where are all the Skype for Business sessions at Microsoft Ignite? Well, we only found one lone session with Skype for Business in the title: Everything you Need to Know about Skype for Business Server (Spoiler alert, you can check out our take on the Skype for Business 2019 Server here). If it wasn’t clear before, Microsoft is leaving little to question with so many Teams-centric sessions that Microsoft is continuing to put its weight behind Microsoft Teams.

If you’re headed over to Ignite 2018 and would like to meet with us to schedule a demo, or to just say “Hi,” please contact us. If you’re feeling behind on the Teams bandwagon, you can learn more on how to prepare for Microsoft Teams with Unify Square here.

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