IM Survey Monkey for Your Enterprise End Users

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Quick and easy ways for IT to Poll the User Base

The PowerSuiteTM IM Surveys and Notifications solution is a strategic way to gather information on any aspect of the business.  You can request ratings regarding the effectiveness of training, poll to uncover hidden needs in the system, or even conduct a survey on the satisfaction of the food in the company cafeteria. Your IT team (or other departments) can’t be everywhere at once, and juggling multiple projects can often lead to user communications or employee sentiment falling through the cracks or being overlooked.

This PowerSuite solution allows you to create simple customized surveys which can then be targeted at individual users or entire enterprises employee sets. This capability, enables tailored updates, decreases frequency of escalated issues to IT, and identifies needs or user issues to quickly offer resolutions and uninterrupted technology delivery.

PowerSuite IM Surveys and Notifications Solution

Using the Survey solution, user notifications can be easily streamlined and targeted groups of users can be actively notified. The use of timely tailored updates decreases the number and frequency of issues escalated to IT.

This solution also allows you to create surveys which can rate the effectiveness of interdepartmental training or to poll for needs within the corporate campus. The surveys are customizable: including who receives the survey, scheduling of the survey, and frequency of usage.

Want to view a short video which provides more detail regarding the easy way that surveys can be built and used —- just click below:



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