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IM Surveys and Notification Tutorial | PowerSuite™

PowerSuite IM Surveys and Notifications solution proactively notify and survey targeted Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams groups to track user information and gauge business needs. Improve unified communications management by reducing the volume of IT issues and tailoring updates.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Surveys and Notifications Solution. Using the survey solution, user notifications can be easily streamlined and targeted groups of users can be proactively notified. The use of timely tailored updates decreases the number and frequency of issues escalated to IT and enhances information flow to and from end users. You may want to use this solution to create surveys which rate the effectiveness of a recent security training or to poll regarding the need for better Wi-Fi coverage in different parts of the corporate campus. To create a new survey, click on the surveys tab then create new. Next, name your topic. Now select your survey type. For the survey frequency, we want ongoing surveys, so let’s select long-running surveys. Now let’s fill in the survey text. The easiest way to do this is to select one of the existing templates. This fills in all of the fields but you can adjust the verbage as you feel fit. You can see that the survey participants will be contacted with an opening question asking them if they’d like to take the survey, the survey question itself, another question asking if the participant would like to leave feedback, the feedback statement, and a closing statement.
Now, choose the users which you’d like to have participate in the survey, click on the surveys users tab, and from here you can either survey all of the users you have added to the tool or filter the user list by selecting certain attributes. You can also adjust the sliders at the bottom to calculate your sample size or the number of users that the survey will contact each time. To choose how long you’d like your survey cycle to run, click the survey instances tab from within the survey, then assign schedule. From here you can choose when you’d like the survey cycle to start and end, whether you’d like the surveys to happen weekly or monthly, and if there’s certain days you’d like the surveys to go out on. Click on the survey instances tab to see each scheduled survey in the cycle. At this point, we can go back to the survey details tab and save the survey. The first survey will start contacting users on the first instance scheduled.

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