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Spotlight on the Industry Leading UC and Collaboration Platform Management Tool for the Enterprise

Unify Square provides software and managed services to assist IT in monitoring, securing, and managing the market’s top UC and collaboration application platform deployments. IT can monitor usage for platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom. From troubleshooting, insights, security, and governance we are the one tool to provide insights and actions for multiple UC platforms.




PowerSuite is a unique blend of purpose built software and managed services, which comes together to help IT more efficiently monitor, manage and secure collaboration and communications platform deployments. The net result for PowerSuite using organizations is a productive, frictionless and secure set of ever improving end user experiences for meetings, chats, and calls. Let’s take a quick tour of PowerSuite, touching on a few highlights of the six solution categories on which the product focuses. PowerSuite’s usage and adoption functionality provides a high level view of your different platforms.

You can see basic usage info for your Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom UC platforms, as well as similar collaboration usage comparisons for your Slack, Teams or Workplace by Facebook platforms. The PowerSuite Insight Center is a central problem management of the prioritized issues within and across platforms so you don’t have to. It detects system anomalies and zeroes in on a multiplicity of platform complications from poor calls to guest access and policy violations to data privacy issues. The net benefit is reduced TCO letting IT choose when, how and who will fix critical platform issues. For further platform troubleshooting drill downs, the operations dashboard helps find the key voice and media quality issues and emerging patterns where action is needed to improve the overall success of your Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom platforms. For service reviews, PowerSuite’s Service Help Dashboard is the single pane of glass solution for IT to visualize key performance indicators across the entire service layer. Here in this dashboard, you can also see a key PowerSuite innovation. Our benchmarking technology is an industry leading advancement, allowing PowerSuite to compare specific deployment KPIs with anonymized averages from other PowerSuite customers or between different geo sites within a single organization.

You can even compare Teams versus Skype, for example, to help determine when the right time to complete a migration may be.

PowerSuite’s phone number management solution provides a single pane of glass for assigning, editing and revoking the IDs across multiple platforms. With the phone number management dashboard for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom, you can complete day-to-day administrative tasks for hundreds of thousands of voice enabled accounts from a single interface while reducing the cost of ownership and manual input errors. External users are an essential part of the digital workplace. Being able to accurately track and control that you have only the right people accessing your team’s channels and data is critical. PowerSuite’s guest access functionality is one example of PowerSuite’s complete collaboration, security and governance functionality. It allows you to monitor and control guest access, surfacing important insights into the behavior of these external users.

PowerSuite’s Room Monitoring Dashboard provides both real-time and historic service availability for room system platforms. It also identifies common problems for more holistic management of room systems.

Since an issue with a room system affects more users than other endpoints, rapid resolution is key to all room system problems. With PowerSuite, you can easily identify and resolve systemic issues impacting rooms. PowerSuite’s HelpDesk functionality offers key benefits for both UC as well as collaboration platform deployments. For Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom platforms, you can analyze user, including an insights overview similar to the Power Suite Insight Center Dashboard, but for end users, and system behavior during calls, Help Desk is utilized by Tier one and two support professionals and delivers quick forensics regarding quality issues from multiple modalities, including voice, video and app sharing to assist end users by providing them with detailed troubleshooting guidance.

Often, it’s critically important to offer extra support and oversight to key executives or to targeted conference rooms. The PowerSuite Tracking Dashboard allows you to create groups of VIP users for whom you would like to more closely track the user experience. Similarly, you can create groups of conference rooms for which you need to diligently monitor the room system quality and availability. And finally, the PowerSuite monitoring dashboard provides probeless availability monitoring for Teams and Zoom by mimicking typical end user scenarios using custom synthetic transactions. PowerSuite identifies the incidents and then provides detailed troubleshooting information whenever the platform may be suffering from some sort of an outage. PowerSuite, your one tool to monitor, analyze and secure collaboration and communications platforms.

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