UC Headset Device Management

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In the spring of 2017, PowerSuite™ began to offer a new set of functionality as part of our Skype for Business and Teams management suite — UC device management. Our initial foray was a true MVP (minimum viable product) across a number of different dimensions — it ‘only’ focused on firmware updates and basic device configuration…it ‘only’ focused on IP Phones…and within that IP Phone category, it ‘only’ focused on Polycom and Yealink phone brands, ignoring (temporarily) other key brands like Audiocodes.

UC Headset Device Management

The initial feedback and interest in our Device Management solution has been strong, but we’re far from done. The market data is very clear — only about 10-15% of all end-users still use the desktop IP-Phones as part of their interactions with Skype for Business and Teams. The large majority of end users prefer the flexibility and convenience of USB blue-tooth headsets from such manufacturers as Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser.

Not only are these uc headsets designed and certified to work great with the Microsoft intelligent communications platform, but they can also be easily configured to work as a plain old Bluetooth headset when paired with a smartphone.

UC Headset Device Management

So, what’s next for the PowerSuite Device Management solution? We’ve recorded a brief concept demo which you can enjoy here, that gives you an early taste of our plans. We’re partnering closely with Jabra to enable a number of key monitoring scenarios to help identify and troubleshoot many of the typical issues which arise when end-users use their headsets with Skype for Business and Teams.

We’re going beyond just the firmware updates and targeting key end-user satisfaction issues — it’s all about perfecting that UC digital experience. Coming soon to a PowerSuite software deployment near you — Jabra UC headset device management.  Here is the concept video.


Once we enable Jabra support (exact ship date still TBD) we will also look into building upon our partnership with Plantronics by adding their UC Headsets and then look into adding support for Sennheiser UC Headsets.

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