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Insights Center Demo Video | PowerSuite™

The Insights Center is a central PowerSuite hub for IT. It uses Unify Square proprietary technology, including regular advances in anomaly detection and machine learning, to detect system anomalies and highlight and surface the most critical issues and actions of which IT should be aware. Insights Center helps reduce TCO, letting IT choose when, how and who will fix key UC environment issues, based on time and resource demands.


Let’s take a closer look. I’m currently in the Powersuite Executive Dashboard solution and you can see, down in the bottom right hand corner, that we have a notification indicating that there are some new problems to be investigated. On clicking the notification, we arrive in the Insights Center solution. Insights Center displays a series of cards. Each card clearly shows the type of insight, impact status, number of occurrences, and other details. Cards may be ordered by severity or date. Cards may also be filtered by status, which is useful when tracking the progress of particular issues.
Peering into the details of a specific insight card we can see that we have very high numbers of poor calls on a Wi-fi access point in Cincinnati. I can see when the event occurred and also some history. Back in the General Tab, the status is new, but I would like to work on the problem so I’ll set it to “in progress.” I can copy a direct link to this page and also associate a url or ID which helps overall workflow with our ticketing system. I will also indicate in the comments that I’ve seen this issue and I’m investigating.
For further investigation we have a direct link to the Powersuite Operations dashboard solution for this scenario. As you can see, the access point is fine most weeks, but does have the occasional problem. Maybe this access point is having some capacity issues. I’ll certainly need to investigate further. After some internal investigation work with our network team, we were able to resolve this issue.
Back on the Insights Center problem page I can set the status to resolved, but maintain tracking of the problem to make sure that Powersuite data confirms our resolution. I can set it closed later when I’m certain that the issue has been permanently resolved. Stay tuned for more.

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