Investing in Collaboration Security Drives Success

This infographic represents the importance of investing in Collaboration Security Governance (CSG), supported by data from Metrigy.

Collaboration security is one of the top three priorities for IT in 2021 with 53% increasing spending in this area. In turn, successful companies (in terms of realized ROI and productivity gain) are nearly 20% more likely to increase collaboration security spend than non-successful ones.

Key Verticals: % Increasing CSG Spending in 2021

Below are the key verticals of industries who are increasing their spending on CSG and by how much:

  • Energy/Utilities: 89%
  • Financial Services: 49%
  • Healthcare: 45%
  • Hi-Tech: 65%
  • Manufacturing: 54%
  • Retail: 50%
  • Travel/Hospitality: 86%

Key Drivers for Increasing CSG Spending

  • Work-from-home and hybrid work gaining popularity as a result of COVID-19
  • Companies shifting to the cloud
  • New collaboration applications

Security Concerns Still Inhibiting Cloud Adoption

37% of those surveyed said that security concerns keep them on premises. This means that a lot of their company’s information and data storages are physically in-office.

21% said that security concerns made them disable collaboration features. So, while industries are moving towards the cloud, there are still some concerns.

Proactive CSG Plan = Success

To mitigate these concerns regarding the cloud and CSG, a firm must have a proactive collaboration security plan. As you can see from the infographic, 66% of successful firms have one.

CISO/CSO Primary Owners of Collaboration Security

Chief information security officers are the primary owners of collaboration security, but they are not the only ones. Collaboration security is also used by teams, the IT department, and a wide range of others. This demonstrates the multi-faceted benefits of investing in CSG for one’s firm.

Most Used Collaboration Security Features

  • Policy enforcement: 71%
  • Threat identification and mitigation: 66%
  • Monitoring team collaboration channels for appropriate content: 61%

In the end, 53% of surveyed companies have stated that they are currently using or planning to use a third party platform such as PowerSuite™️ to execute collaboration security successfully.

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