Is your Investment in Skype for Business Paying Off?

Written by: Unify Square


PowerSuite’s Executive Dashboard provides a Top-line ROI snapshot.

The PowerSuite Executive Dashboard solution is the ideal place to visualize the full Skype for Business ROI and adoption profile of your enterprise. The Executive Dashboard facilitates tracking the active, enabled, and targeted usage for conferencing and voice users. In addition to this capability, you can monitor the progress of voice transform sites.

This PowerSuite solution has the capability of tracking the legacy run-rate of the conferencing or PBX platform from which you’re migrating. Having a global filtering visibility results in a service utilization index. You now have the visibility of looking at your organizers, conference minutes, and content sharing. This measures what parts of the system are being used on a weekly or monthly basis.

Is your UC platform performing as promised?

Skype for Business and Teams is your strategic UC platform, but are you getting all the ROI benefits it offers? With PowerSuite Executive Dashboard, you can also easily track and measure the planned obsolescence of your legacy conferencing or PBX system.

To see a preview of our PowerSuite Executive Dashboard watch the quick video below:


Your UC Platform will be transformed by the capability to actively track and measure KPI’s with the PowerSuite Executive Dashboard solution.


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