Keeping Lync on the Right Track: Proactively Ask Users for Feedback

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Wrapping up the five part series that went hand-in-hand with the Right Track webinar, we end by returning to the end-user once again.

Blog-Series---5End-user adoption of Lync is well known to be a key success factor of the Lync project. As we mentioned in the metrics section of the webinar, happy users translate into Lync success. Therefore, we highly suggest that you start asking users for feedback on a regular basis. You can take advantage of survey tools like the Unify Square PowerSat solution that simplifies the ongoing process right through Lync IM, or you can use alternative methods through email or the web.

Throughout a transformation from legacy PBX and third party conferencing to a fully enabled Lync environment, you have several opportunities to interact with your end-users to identify problems early, identify at-risk users and improve user adoption. We recommend that you baseline user satisfaction approximately seven days after you have transitioned a group of users to enterprise voice. This gives you a starting baseline that you can use for comparison as you go forward. You’ll learn a great deal from this initial survey and have the opportunity to prioritize problems, make fixes and improve training opportunities.

After about 30 days, return to that same group of users and re-issue a survey to find out how you score compared to the initial baseline. If you took action and listened to the users you should see improvement in your end-user satisfaction which should also lead to improvement in adoption. Keeping a regular pulse on your users is important, so after the initial 30 days we suggest you continue to sample the user population as a whole every month. This allows you to really understand the way the end-users perceive Lync and will continue to yield important data points that can help you to prioritize actions to improve the overall quality of your environment and improve adoption.

Watch the entire “Five ways to Keep Your Enterprise Lync Deployment on the Right Track” webinar on-demand.

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