Do you know your Skype for Business Service Health?

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3 KPI’s to Track your Skype for Business Service Health.

Do you know your Skype for Business Service Health? The Unify Square PowerSuite philosophy revolves around the idea that by focusing on just 3 core Key Performance Indicators (KPI), IT can successfully and efficiently ensure a great enterprise UC experience.  These 3 KPI’s are critical to a “big picture” view of the deployment health of your Skype for Business and Teams monitoring and performance. PowerSuiteTM Service Health solution covers all three and more!

The Service Health solution enables the internal IT Service Manager to quickly view a full roll-up of the overall Skype for Business call quality, service availability and end user experience. Unlike traditional systems that may measure up time by pinging a switch every few seconds, our system mimics user behavior by logging into the system at specific configurable intervals and testing various functions, like joining a conference or making a PSTN call. These measurements are more meaningful than a simple up time measurement. As such PowerSuite can capture the end user experience as a whole and not just focus on if a system replies to a network level query or if a service says it is up.

Skype for Business PowerSuite Service Health Solution

The PowerSuiteTM Service Health solution is the key PowerSuite solution for the IT service manager to visualize KPI’s across the Skype for Business service layer. The focus here is on Call Quality, Service Availability, and User Satisfaction.

Want to see our Service Health solution in action —- just click below:



To request a demo or to learn more about our unique UC technology and PowerSuite features, connect with one of our sales team today! To view other Unify Square demo videos and informational videos please consult our UC Library HERE

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