Lync Conferencing with Confidence

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Lync quickly becomes a mainstay in the technology tool set of the Enterprise at a surprisingly fast rate. It’s one of those technologies that people may resist at first but once they get a taste, they can’t stop using it.

Take conferencing in point. Lync makes connecting to co-workers super simple. Need a question answered in the moment? Click on a co-worker and start talking. Need to schedule a meeting with a few people, send an Outlook invite. At meeting time it only takes a click to join the meeting, no more fumbling around for phone numbers and pass codes. It’s easy to see how addicting Lync can become to the business.

But once the company comes to rely on Lync to improve productivity and provide the conferencing services for internal and external use, the pressure is on for the IT team. What may have started out as a team or departmental pilot has grown into a full blown deployment with 24 by 7 demands on availability.

The IT team has a new need to make certain that the servers and network are humming along and that the conferencing services themselves are functioning properly. They also have a new job of watching the 3rd party telephony providers to make sure calls are connecting, something they typically haven’t done before.

There is a lot to think about as you scale up the Lync deployment but don’t worry, we have a great solution for you. Here is a short video (about 9 minutes) that shows you how Unify Square PowerMon can help IT teams deliver Lync as a reliable IT service to the business.

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