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Managing Microsoft Teams Collaboration Security and Governance

Unified Communications and collaborations platforms bring many efficiencies to companies — but also risk. Implement and manage collaboration security and governance policies for Microsoft Teams with PowerSuite. Policies around guest access, team owners, naming conventions, and more are easy to put in place with the policy creation wizard. After implementation, IT can proactively manage and enforce policies using the compliance dashboard.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Policy Management Solution. The Policy Management dashboard delivers collaboration security and governance initially for Microsoft Teams, and eventually expanding to also cover other Microsoft365 and collaboration platform workloads. It’s easy to create and monitor policies, exceptions, and violations, as well as identify larger collaboration security issues. This tool allows your security team to be proactive (as opposed to merely reactive) about protecting your collaboration environment.

Let’s take a closer look.

Policy management has a security analytics dashboard, where you can monitor guest access, team ownership, and other advanced governance metrics. This area helps you discover governance issues so you can create meaningful policies. Here, we see key metrics on guest access (controlling guest access is crucial to maintaining a secure collaboration environment). We can further drill down by workspace, domain, department, and more for actionable details.

Now let’s look at policy creation.

Here we see our list of existing policies with key information about each, including customizable tags and any active issues. PowerSuite offers comprehensive guest access policies including public domain guests, whitelist or blacklist domains, and limiting the ability for guests from specified domains to be on the same team. Additionally, key workspace settings policies covering number of owners and naming conventions are available. PowerSuite adds new policies every month to ensure your collaboration environment is secure.

In this case, our company would like to implement a new guest access policy. Note that we could also choose to set workspace policies using the same centralized wizard, including key policies around owners and naming conventions.

We can see a comprehensive set of guest policies available to us; today, we want to restrict Microsoft Teams guests joining from public domains. Once we select this option, we can start specifying the details of our new policy. For easy management, we can tag this policy – for now, we’re going to stick with the automatically generated tag, “Guest Access.” Next, we can name our policy and specify the scope – in this case, tenant-wide. Lastly, we see the automatically generated list of public domains that should be denied access. Both blacklist and whitelist options are available here for more advanced governance. Future updates will also allow a variety of enforcement actions, from basic reporting to notifications to automatic enforcement.

Now that we’ve created our policy, let’s check out the compliance dashboard. This dashboard gives me a holistic view of policy changes, exceptions, and violations where I haven’t set automatic enforcement. I can also drilldown to see the details of individual issues. This graph compares new issues with the number of unique violators, a good indicator of the breadth of these violations. We can also explore some stats on exceptions and active issues; the compliance dashboard is a great place to track how well your company is complying with policy changes before choosing to enforce these new policies.

PowerSuite’s Policy Management dashboard offers the peace of mind that can only be achieved through advanced governance, using insightful analysis, and granular, constantly monitored security policies. Be sure to subscribe to our Unify Square channel for more information on how to monitor, manage, and secure your UC and collaboration environment.

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