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How to Manage Jabra UC Devices with a Cross Platform Device Management Tool

Easily manage both IP Phones and UC Headsets with PowerSuite’s Device Management solution. Unify Square’s cross-platform and multi-hardware vendor device management solution provides monitoring and troubleshooting, so you don’t have to manage these multiple devices using the separate stand-alone hardware vendor solutions. Our most recent enhancement adds full support for firmware updates.


PowerSuite’s Device Management solution is the industry-leading single pane of glass device management solution which provides full monitoring, management and troubleshooting for both IP Phones and UC headsets. This newest enhancement adds full support for firmware updates and device configurations for Jabra USB wireless headsets and speakerphones. The enhancement essentially adds the full functionality of the Jabra Xpress asset management system into PowerSuite.
Let’s take a closer look. To start, for firmware updates, I’ll begin by testing the new firmware for the Jabra Engage 75 model. I’ll go to Manage Firmware, and then filter for only the Jabra models. Then we’ll ensure that the correct firmware — version 1.9.15 — is published in Powersuite, click on it, and verify the correct headset — then we can change the firmware stage to testing, confirm, and then as a next step I’ll assign that to my device for initial testing.
So here I select the specific device. I browse to the site in Munich. I need to first select geography and then search for Munich. Then in the list I will look for the specific Engage 75. Here I confirm that it will be assigned…and I click on “Assign Firmware” which will complete this task. Once testing is completed, I can then go back to the 1.9.15 firmware, click on “Change to Production,” and then, assign it to all the Engage 75 models in Munich. So I click on Devices in a Geographical Location or Site,” search for Munich, and choose the firmware target. I only want to assign to the 75MS. And that rolls out the firmware to all the devices in Munich.
My next task is to configure German as the device language for the Engage 75. I’ll go first to Manage Features, to check if that configuration is already set for Jabra devices. Since I don’t see it, I’ll click to move into the PowerSuite Device Management Configuration Wizard to create a new feature configuration.
I’ll start by selecting Jabra, then choose a feature template. I’ll filter for the language templates, find the correct set of templates for the Engage 75 and then click to create a new configuration. I’ll name this as a German language configuration and give it a description. In the settings screen, we’ll select German for the screen language as well as for the voice announcements. We’ll then quickly review the newly created feature configuration to check for accuracy, and then create it.
Next we’ll apply the new configuration to the German site. I’ll drill into the correct geography, select Munich and apply the feature configuration. To verify the process, we’ll move to the Explorer, look at the Munich location, select my test device, and see that it has inherited the correct new feature configuration. Stay tuned for more.

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