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Managing Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Service Health

PowerSuite’s unique Service Health dashboard helps you visualize core KPIs across Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. We show you how you’re doing against industry standards in areas like user satisfaction, service availability, and call quality. User satisfaction enables interaction with end-users directly and allows them to score their Powersuite experience. Service availability logs into the system to check various functions itself while poor calls rate the number of poor calls hosted in each time segment.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Service Health Solution. Service Health is the key single pane of glass PowerSuite Solution for the IT service manager to visualize KPIs across the Skype for Business service layer here we see our three KPIs across the top of the page we can see an indicator of how we are currently doing on each KPI against industry standard thresholds and a trend line covering the last eight weeks to get an even longer trend line we can switch from weeks to months or navigate to a different week or month with all three KPIs although we’re not showing it here you can click in and drill down to get further details starting all the way to the left we see the call quality or poor calls KPI this KPI is fairly obvious and gives us an overview of the number of bad calls that are occurring across our organization next we have service availability this KPI is commonly compared to an uptime measurement of traditional systems however the focus of this KPI is something completely different instead of traditional systems that may measure uptime by pinging a switch every few seconds our service availability systems mimic user behavior by logging into the system at specific configurable intervals and testing various functions like joining a conference call or making a PSTN call these measurements are more meaningful than a simple uptime measurement as we are capturing the end-user experience as a whole and not focused on simply if a system replies to a network level query or if a service says it is up by focusing on the user experience we are able to catch things a traditional monitoring system would not last we have user satisfaction this KPI is a result of the PowerSuite user satisfaction Solution interacting with their end users directly and users can score their experience and PowerSuite then computes a user Sat score from the result by surveying a very small sample of your end users each week over the course of time we are able to accurately measure the end user satisfaction with Skype for Business or Teams our suite Service Health Solution providing visibility and insights which allow IT to make informed decisions about overall system health and take appropriate action.

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