Microsoft Intelligent Communications with PowerSuite

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Self-Learning Unified Communications Monitoring Software

Given all the current Microsoft, Google and Amazon buzz around Artificial Intelligence, it’s easy to lose sight of the crawl, walk, run path which will allow companies to eventually arrive at AI nirvana. That’s right, we’re not there yet… not even close. But we are making great strides, particularly with respect to machine learning.  In fact, the concept of ‘self-learning software’ has been around for quite some time – remember the movie War Games? The notion of enabling computers to learn from and make decisions based on real-time and historical data patterns – this is the basic building block of machine learning. But what does any of this have to do with Unified Communications and you ask?

Microsoft Intelligent Communications

Intelligent Communications enabled by PowerSuite™ 

When a customer signs up for a journey with Unify Square and our PowerSuite software they are buying into an experience already enjoyed by nearly 2 million other end-users. This Skype for Business user experience is all about the search for UC phone and conference calls ‘perfection.’ But it doesn’t happen by magic. It happens because of machine learning. Every new Microsoft Intelligent Communications customer automatically benefits (on day 1 of their PowerSuite usage) from cloud intelligence. What is more, that benefit grows exponentially the longer they use the software. PowerSuite users will get more out of it a year from now than they do when they initially invest. This is because the Unify Square UC-Core technology allows PowerSuite to learn and play the role of the abstraction layer between the petabytes of complex UC data and the actual Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business platform.

Microsoft Intelligent Communications with PowerSuite

Self-Learning Meets UC 

Unlike traditional software, which is great at following instructions but terrible at improvising, machine learning systems essentially code themselves, developing their own instructions by generalizing from examples. In the case of PowerSuite, these “examples” are every call transaction which has occurred in the last 8 years since PowerSuite first began assisting IT with troubleshooting UC systems. This ever-increasing knowledge base is a virtual cloud “classroom” for PowerSuite which enjoys an ever increasing velocity of data feeds – more PowerSuite customers….more calls….more opportunities for PowerSuite to learn and grow ever-wiser….and increasingly helpful. This experience goes beyond what the well trained Skype for Business administrator can provide. It even goes beyond the ‘out of the box’ Office 365 Admin Portal provided by Microsoft. Not only has PowerSuite learned from our customers, but it also folds in the learnings from our PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services team who manages large organizations such as Nestle and Unilever and their hundreds of thousands of users on a 24×7 basis.

Learning to Trust the UC Brain

Just as the early users of semi-autonomous and self-driving cars are having to learn to trust the automobiles and the decisions that those vehicles (and their manufacturers) are making, so too do the IT users of UC monitoring and management software. An Azure-based cloud app infrastructure not only allows a software vendor like Unify Square to make constant updates and adjustments to the software, but the software itself can quickly offer up root-cause analysis and can detect and troubleshoot systemic Skype for Business or Teams issues on a 24×7 basis. No longer is IT responsible for bearing the full weight of the voice quality calculus to keep end users happy and satisfied.  PowerSuite possesses the industry-leading ability to learn, based on experience, make inferences from disparate signals, and then take action in response to new or unforeseen events. It is this ability to interpret the multiple Microsoft, hardware (SBC and endpoint devices), and network data streams and turn them into operational action-ability which ultimately provides IT with increasing peace of mind.

Microsoft Intelligent Communications - a learning system

UC Benchmarking – Extending and Enhancing the Self-Learning Approach

At the end of the day, as robust and efficient as PowerSuite continues to become, it is, alas, still only a piece of software. Its ability to act on behalf of IT to take on an increasingly larger share of the management burden for Teams and Skype for Business, is directly proportional to how much access to data it receives and how much ‘training’ it is given. In other words, for a software suite like PowerSuite which encompasses about 13 different solutions/apps (and growing), organizations who only actively utilize a small handful of the solutions are literally stunting the growth and potential of PowerSuite. In contrast, organizations who are fully utilizing most of the PowerSuite solutions are both helping themselves as well as their PowerSuite-using peers. In fact, IT professionals who are taking advantage of the PowerSuite benchmarking technology to compare not just their own different geographical sites/locations to each other (in terms of voice and service availability performance), but also to compare their organizations to other Microsoft Intelligent Communications-using companies are truly setting the bar. This friendly “competition” allows PowerSuite to bring out the best in each organization, and, in so doing, to raise the bar for all UC globally. The more data it collects, the bigger the PowerSuite “brain” becomes. This PowerSuite cloud essentially crowd-sources data and extrapolates the insights to every PowerSuite subscriber. Enterprises will learn from other enterprises, thereby driving up the overall intelligence of their individual PowerSuite instances. The cycle is completed and reborn – everyone wins as their UC platforms grow stronger.

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