Microsoft and Silicon Valley Tech Giants Help Us Get Big With $12.2 Million Extended Series B

Written by: Unify Square

By Sonu Aggarwal, CEO of Unify Square

Remember the old Tom Hanks movie, Big? The plot had the young star wishing desperately to be a grown up so could finally do “grown up” things. The boy’s wish came true overnight – he got big. Unexpectedly, though, his new adult body kept his little kid creativity and refreshing naiveté, which allowed him to make quite a successful business splash.

This year Unify Square is starring in our own unique and real-life version of the movie. We’ve grown rapidly, but we still hold onto our startup agility and innovation-centric mindset.

The latest example of our growth is the closing of a $12.2 million extended Series B round of funding. When the round was initiated back in February of this year, Microsoft, along with several former executives of Yahoo, IBM and Ariba raised $8.2 million. In this new Series B extension, which adds an additional $4 million, Microsoft is back again, solidifying its status as our lead investor and closest partner. Rounding out the list of investors in the extended series are contributions from Bridge Bank, Stanford University and a handful of the original Series B investors. Coupled with our Series A round of funding, headlined by former executives of Facebook, Oracle and Isilon, the impressive roster of investors backing our vision invigorates our appetite for growth.

The funds will be used to enhance Unify Square software, services, support and user experience for our existing 5 million customer seats at Fortune 500 organizations – a number growing daily. Our close alignment with Microsoft gives us an unmatched level of expertise in architecting Skype for Business infrastructure, no matter the existing enterprise environment. Using our suite of solutions running either on-premise or in the cloud, IT departments can break out of their reactive, troubleshooting mode and take on a proactive monitoring approach to mitigate issues at the onset. The continued investment in our company validates the superiority of our software, services and support as well as our vision for further innovating on-premise and cloud-based solutions to help reinforce and accelerate successful deployments of Skype for Business.

As we roll into 2016 and our next phase of growth, the little kid in all of us is bursting with enthusiasm. We remain nimble and innovative, like Tom Hanks’ character in Big, but rather than shying away from adult responsibilities, we’re going off script and embracing our growth spurt. Our growing stature will help continue providing unparalleled value and customer service to current and future Skype for Business enterprise customers.

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