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How to Maximize Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business User Satisfaction

We recognize the value of user satisfaction when it comes to your unified communication and collaboration platforms. With our Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business user satisfaction tracking, your IT team can more efficiently take the temperature of UC service issues across the organization. We discuss the many elements such as customizable surveys and communication quality breakdowns and their use in user satisfaction amongst your UC platform applications.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite User Satisfaction Solution. When users experience poor call quality or glitchy conferencing, they don’t typically call the Help Desk, they simply find an alternative way to talk. Unhappy users create UC transformation roadblocks, lowering your expected ROI, and slowing employee productivity. The PowerSuite User Satisfaction Solution uses Skype for Business to contact your users with an instant message containing a survey that asks them to rate their satisfaction with their Skype for Business or Teams experience. The satisfaction rating becomes one of the three core KPIs, which is surfaced in different parts of PowerSuite to measure user happiness. With either Skype for Business or Teams, the surveys will also ask the participating user if they would like to leave some detailed freeform feedback that can be read in the Survey Results Dashboard.
Remember that the surveys which PowerSuite sends out are fairly customizable you can choose when they go out, to which users, how often users are contacted, amongst other settings. User satisfaction, which is a separate more accurate and all-encompassing calculation of the total Skype for Business user satisfaction rating than the native Skype rate my call, is calculated using the scores that users provide in the survey. In fact the User Satisfaction Solution achieves an average survey response rate of over 50%. The survey uses Skype Teams presence information to calculate when to send a survey so as to minimize the disruption to the user being surveyed and asked the user to rate their Skype for Business experience from 1 to 4 where 4 is very satisfied down to 1 being very dissatisfied. Once surveys are received, the PowerSuite User Satisfaction Solution calculates the ratings into a 1 to 200 score and displays that score as well as some of the survey response statistics. You can also export your survey results to excel to analyze the responses and feedback even further. Survey results are also automatically pulled into the PowerSuite Service Health and Executive Dashboard Solutions to keep a running and highly visible tally of your Skype for Business user Sat scores. As one of your three KPIs, the simple IM based user Sat surveys allow IT to make informed improvements that encourage usage and validate UC investments.

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