Microsoft Teams, the Hub for Teamwork in Office 365

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The Hub for Teamwork and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

The most successful organizations find a way to make sure that their employees are engaged. As technology advances and demographics shift,  the method of getting employees engaged needs to reflect this transformation and catch-up to the way that communication happens in their daily lives. This can be achieved by using the hub for Teamwork in Office 365.

With social media, instant messaging and other online platforms, users are constantly plugged in and collaborating with other people. The workplace has begun to mirror this switch in routine and philosophy with the introduction of new platforms that allow for team-based collaboration, resulting in more engagement in the workplace.

One of the tools that is helping to facilitate this shift in mentality is Microsoft Teams. Teams is designed to act as a hub for teamwork in Office 365, allowing for collaboration with on-site & remote employees as well as clients.

Below we take a look at the importance of driving employee engagement through teamwork and collaboration, and how the hub for teamwork in Microsoft Teams can help facilitate that:

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 the Hub for Teamwork

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