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Microsoft Teams Analytics with PowerSuite

The nexus of PowerSuite has historically been related to calls and conferences. With the advent of Microsoft Teams, PowerSuite now extends its reporting and analytics across to core collaboration related to meetings and chats.The Executive Dashboard, Usage & Adoption Dashboard and Help Desk solutions have been expanded to provide Microsoft Teams analytics.


This short video will focus on some of the powerful PowerSuite workplace analytics features. This video will mainly spotlight analytics for Microsoft Teams, with similar features coming soon for Slack and Workplace from Facebook. We’ll start with the executive dashboard solution. PowerSuite’s multiplatform ROI and adoption visualization solution. Here, you can easily compare important metrics like active users, conferencing minutes, and poor calls across multiple UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype for Business. The executive dashboard features customizable widgets which can be selected, resized, and moved to fit your unique preferences.

Next, we’ll jump into the Usage and Adoption Dashboard, the PowerSuite solution providing key UC and collaboration usage metrics such as call accounts, active users, and client usage. Notice that PowerSuite also features key information on workstream collaboration, user engagement, and activity across multiple platforms, including Microsoft Teams.

Switching to the Champions view– I can view a list of the top users in my organization overall and my modality by clicking on the four different tabs for channel message, chat message, calls, and meetings in Microsoft teams. This feature spotlights our most prolific users and can subsequently be used to aid user adoption by gamifying internal communications to identify the top Teams users of each modality.

We also have an option to export the full usage list here on the right hand side. Finally, to view an individual user’s Teams usage information, we go to the Help Desk Solution, PowerSuite’s real time call and now also collaboration behavior analysis solution. A level one or two HelpDesk technician can enter the user’s name as usual and select Microsoft Teams. Now we can see how many calls, chat messages, channel messages, and meetings the user has attended based on the time frame selected as well as trend information.

The view also highlights, to the right, which clients the user has been using and to which teams they belong. PowerSuite’s workplace analytics solutions help IT analyze, manage, and secure the UC and collaboration environment.

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