How to Reduce Time Spent Monitoring, Configuring and Managing UC Devices

Written by: Unify Square

Streamlined Device Management for Jabra, Polycom, and Yealink to Enhance UC User Adoption


Currently, UC device management is not only difficult but expensive and tedious. While IT managers do their best to streamline the process and simplify issues, it is not always as effective as they’d like. In fact, most IT managers believe that proactive UC device management should be the norm, but report that they do not have the bandwidth or budget to support it.

One of the biggest, yet underreported, causes of IT professional headaches is the juggling of day-to-day end-user troubleshooting while driving critical initiatives like broad unified communications and workstream collaboration platform transformations. Users who face a slow IT response time in resolving their issues may regress to using non-UC system mobile phones for important calls, taking several steps backward in the overall UC adoption process.

Managing quick response times to remediate user experience issues, in addition to factoring in the management of IP Phones and UC headsets (especially when dealing with the enterprise average of 2.3 different UC vendors), firmware updates, and device configuration can leave very little time left for much else.

So how can IT spend less time fighting fires and shift focus to more strategic opportunities?

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Unify Square & Jabra Partnership Brings Enhanced Device Management and Monitoring

In a recent blog post, we shared the expansion of our successful partnership with Jabra. The robust PowerSuite-Jabra device integration helps IT go beyond the current reporting and troubleshooting of Jabra softphone UC devices, and instead enables rapid implementation of firmware updates and feature configurations for Jabra devices directly within the PowerSuite™ software.

In addition to the newest Jabra-centric functionality, this single-pane-of-glass UC device management solution provides full Skype for Business monitoring, management and troubleshooting for IP phones and UC headsets from a myriad of different vendors. The newest updates to PowerSuite layer in full support for firmware updates and device configurations for Jabra USB wireless headsets and speakerphones. The enhancement essentially adds the full functionality of the Jabra Xpress asset management system into PowerSuite, allowing IT to configure devices by site, setting up specific devices and languages, and deploying site-wide templates. This offers a crucial solution to those UC managers who rank remote set-ups of devices as a top priority of UC management improvements.

UC Device Management: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era of the Digital Enterprise

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By incorporating Jabra Xpress functionality into PowerSuite, IT can easily and remotely update the firmware for all Jabra headsets and speakerphones directly from the PowerSuite platform and make similar changes to other features, including ringtone, side-tone, and audio-protection-level settings.

Device management doesn’t have to be a manual process of firmware updates and inefficient end-user troubleshooting when it comes to UC apps and systems. Companies willing to invest in UC device management solutions can make the move from timely and expensive management practices to focusing on proactive strategies.

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