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The Ultimate Tool for Monitoring and Troubleshooting Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

Deploying a new collaboration platform for your company is difficult and if done incorrectly, may have serious consequences for your end-users. We discuss how to organize and expedite your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business deployment. We provide the software need to track quality, usage, and network metrics using a single, manageable, and cross-platform interface.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite operations dashboard solution. The operations dashboard functions as a next gen IT prioritization guide for your Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom deployment. Using heuristics throughout multiple data points to find the key voice and media quality issues where action is needed to improve the overall success of your UC environment. Starting at the service help dashboard, you’re able to see a geographical layout of your sites. For this example, let’s say that we’ve heard from some Chicago users that they’ve been experiencing bad calls. By clicking on Chicago, I can drill down to see the total poor call percentage, followed by an icon that shows that the site is over the audio quality threshold and that a high number of calls have had poor audio quality. By clicking on the site card, I’m taken to the operations dashboard. Here, you can see that PowerSuite has automatically selected the site category for us. Below the selectors is a privatized list of data. Chicago is at the top of the list with over 23 percent of its calls there having poor voice quality. By clicking on the magnifying glass, I can drill into the specifics.

We see that we have one subnet,, that contains forty percent of all poor call quality calls. As an analyst or engineer, this information should be a good starting point for discussions with the network team.

A second example shows how to help remote workers across multiple UC platforms. Our IT department has a budget to augment the Home Office. Given some reports of poor call quality, we want to improve call quality outside the corporate network. Here, we’ve selected all platforms to see calls across our entire UC environment. Then wireless external to server to focus on those calls made on home Wi-Fi networks. We can break down those calls in a variety of ways. Here, I’m going to focus on users. Now, we can see a list of users working remotely sorted by who has the worst call experiences.

We can switch to table view and export this list, allowing IT to reach out directly to these users and send them Ethernet cables so they can wire in directly. Now, you’ve seen how to use  PowerSuite to identify and remediate call quality issues across multiple UC platforms. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more information on how to manage, analyze and secure your UC collaboration environment.


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