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The Meeting, Chat and Call Experience. 

A decade ago when Unify Square was just a new start-up company, the concept of actually “managing” Skype for Business was still just a twinkle in the eyes of our founders.  To begin with, Skype for Business did not yet exist (it was still going by the name of either OCS or Lync back then).  Additionally, the thought of actually needing to “manage” this system, was certainly a reasonable concept, but back then there was so much more focus on the architecting and deployment phases, that the management concept was simply lost in the noise.

Fast forward to 2017.  We now find ourselves in an environment when the concept of managing UCC, and in particular Skype for Business, has truly arrived.  Some of the newest analyst studies reveal fantastic benefits from UCC (unified communications and collaboration) management software such as 58% opex reductions or 30% end-user adoption increases.

So, given the above noted transformation, you may ask yourself, why has Unify Square recently changed its mission statement?  Our previous mission was “To make Skype for Business the best managed IT workload in the enterprise.”  Does our mission statement change mean that we’re taking the company in a new direction?  Does it perhaps mean that we’ve simply given up on trying to manage UCC?  Or, does it mean that we’ve decided that managing UCC is just no longer important?  No, no, and no.

Robust monitoring and management of UCC is hands-down even more important now than it was 10 years ago. Two key elements have changed which have served as our catalyst to evolve:

  1. The Microsoft Intelligent Communications world has begun the evolution beyond just Skype for Business. The addition of Microsoft Teams and its concept of semi-synchronous communications in the form of chats & fluid collaboration, has brought about a whole new set of management challenges…and opportunities.
  2. The empowerment of the end-user and the increased focus (by IT) on the end-user has evolved the focus of the best management tools. It is now no longer good enough to think just in terms of an IT workload, or just in terms of assuring good network performance — now, especially for UCC, the final foot of the experience for the end-user must be always top of mind and seen as the starting point for UC management issues.

Where does this leave Unify Square?  Welcome to our new mission:

To enable outstanding experiences for enterprise meetings, chats, and calls.

This new mission is as big as the UCC marketplace, as bold as Microsoft’s newest bid to outflank Slack in the collaboration/team-chat space, and as ambitious as the start-up version of Unify Square…that small start-up company who, over a decade ago, recognized the need for UC management and has been a pioneer in the space ever since.  Stop in for a demo of PowerSuite and allow us to show off our latest greatest software and all that it can do for meetings, chats and calls!

Please visit our new Mission webpage …and while you’re at it also dive into our new company values as well.  For those of you who we happily count as customers today, we look forward to continuing to service you with these values into the next decade.  For those of you who are just now discovering Unify Square, we eagerly anticipate the challenge of applying our mission and values to help you grow your business.


To view other Unify Square content, demo videos and information, please consult our UC Library HERE

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