Newest Version of Unify Square’s Smart Remote Managed Services Offering Launched Today

Written by: Unify Square

Most enterprises lack the bandwidth and expertise to manage Skype for Business (SfB) deployments on their own and are required to invest in additional personnel for full-time monitoring and troubleshooting. Other managed service offerings in the market today don’t include automation tools and they rely heavily on outsourcing operations and on-site personnel. This all comes at a price—adding to overhead costs and impacting productivity—which, in turn, fosters a reactive approach to Skype for Business management.

We’re excited to announce that as the first complete remote managed service offering for Skype for Business, our new version of PowerAssurance addresses these key challenges while allowing enterprises to significantly reduce their associated SfB management costs. The new version of PowerAssurance leverages PowerSuite’s automation to go beyond reactive infrastructure monitoring and reporting to proactively audit the total health and system availability of Skype for Business. This means fewer outages for you, increased productivity, and a significant reduction in the need for dedicated IT staff for Skype for Business management.

These new capabilities are made possible by the Unify Square smart remote managed services team, which has quadrupled in size since last year, allowing us to triple our remote managed services installed base! For more information on Unify Square’s PowerAssurance smart remote managed service offering, click here, or stop by our pod in Microsoft’s Partner Pavilion in the Enterprise Connect expo hall this week to talk with one of our experts.

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